This page features my digital art. There are a couple series with dozens of images in each, and the rest are independent pieces. I utilize a range of approaches, techniques and several software packages, but there’s a continuity throughout my work. There are often elements of expressionism, sci-fi, psychedelia, surrealism, and a darker grappling with the human condition. To find out more about my methods and approach, see my about page.

4 Sample Pieces

Series in progress: Misfits of the Metaverse

See 2020 art highlights here


Selfies From Alternate Universes: Series [36 Artworks]

I’ve created 36 self-portraits, collaborating with AI, in which I never appear as my actual self, but as different ages, genders, and even races. These are large-scale digital paintings. initially based on images created using FaceApp, but extensively edited, reworked, and recreated using software and traditional drawing/painting skills. Some are double portraits, some set in peculiar locations, etc…. You can see posts for all of them, with details, process and meaning here. Below is a slideshow with thumbs of the images in the series:

Imagine That: Series [55 Artworks]

This series of digital drawings and paintings were done exclusively from the imagination and without premeditation. You can see the series of 55 images, with feature posts for every one, here. Below is a thumbnail slideshow.

Various images which are not part of a sustained series

These are in reverse-chronological order.

Below are the same images as in the gallery above. Most have links to in-depth posts about them with close-ups, and background information about the process, meaning, etc.

Pretty Pretty: 12/2021
Droid-ships Over Downtown Los Angeles: 9/2021
High Pressure: 8/2021
Digital restoration and recreation of Leonardo da Vinci's Salvator Mundi 2021 a
Savlator Mundi (digitally restored and recreated): 8/2021
Droid-ship cascading Down a Space Corridor: 1/2021
The Droid-ship Invades a Landing Bay, 12/2020
Vintage School Desk (in Blender): 10/2020
My Blender Enterprise in Space: 9/2020
That Time Mr. Bat got the Human Flu: 4/2020
Stick Girl’s Epiphany: 7/2020
Bat Girl Bites Back: 6/2020
Ant Man Goes AWOL: 3/2020
Everyday Observations #2: Scissors & Ball: 1/2019
Everyday Observations #1: Canvas Bag with Orange Straps: 12/2018
Alien Monster Messiah #2: Martian Soul Harvester: 11/2018
Alien Monster Messiah #1: 10/2018
Splinter-Eye: 11/2017
Splinter Eye (Alien Messiah): 11/2017
“The Last Supper” (After Emil Nolde): 10/2017
Her Beautiful Alien Voice: 6/2017
Bikini Babe & Fish: 5/2017
Octrui (Inspired by Matta): 4/2017
Andy foresaw it all: 1/2017
CEOTTK: 12/2016
Self Portrait of Van Gogh with Cut ear (Tribute to Van Gogh): 11/2016
Awakening of AI: 10/2016
Separation: 9/2016
Eyeing the Ironess: 7/2016
Portrait of an Impasto Imposter: 6/2016
From Anonymous to Hieronymus: 5/2016
Arrival: 4/2016
Sunshine Superman Selfie:: 4/2016
Monster Maiden #3: 3/2016
Fanzilet in the Mirror with the Pox: 2/2016
Monster Maiden #2: 1/2016
Monster Maiden #1: 12/2015
Golgolon: 20/2015
EUOF Color Digital Painting: 10/2015
EUOF B&W Digital drawing: 7/2015
Infinite Objectivity: 6/2015
Untitled with 2 creatures: 6/2015
Extrusion of the Psychonaut: 4/2015
The End Came Swiftly Color Digital Painting: 3/2015
The Aquarium Fugly Fish For Sale: 2/2015
The Agony and the Extraterrestrial: 1/2015
The End Came Swiftly B&W Digital Drawing: 9/2014
Claw of the Mantizoid:: 1/2015
Blossoming of the Ripened Mind: 8/2014
Awakening Upon Death of the Bride of the Creature: 7/2014
Swell with Bikini Dancing Girls: 3/2014
Robot Vs Monster: 3/2014
Bare Knuckle Brawl: 1/2014
The Human Fly Color Digital Painting: 12/2013
The Human Fly B&W Digital Drawing: 11/2013
Arousing Curiosity: 11/2013
The Last Scene in Vientiane: 10/2013
The Last Scent : 10/2013
Mindscape 1 : 9/2013
Seafood Spaghetti Sunday: 4/2013
Rorschach Experiment : 4/2012 – 9/2013

The images below predate my blog therefor most of them don’t have associated blog-posts, unless I subsequently created one, or revised the image. If there is a blog post, I’ll note it in the caption.

Self Portrait Looking Down: before 2012
Lost in Time: before 2012
Mandalay Monk & Spires: 2005
Alien Autopsy: 1997 – 2005 [CLICK IMAGE FOR BLOG POST]
Battambang Temple Guard: 2000s
Gold Leaf Monk: 2000s
Hue Girls on Bike: 2000s
Transfixion: 2000s
Angkor Reflection: 2000s
Tonle Sap Lake Boy: 2000s
Death, Dissolution and the Void: 2000s [CLICK IMAGE FOR BLOG POST]

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