My more philosophical articles. I’m not pretentious enough to call myself a philosopher (unless I follow it up with fool as on my About page), but I have been known to ponder some of the big questions. Here there are articles on subjects like free will, consciousness, the purpose of art, and what’s wrong with Postmodernism…

Topics are arranged alphabetically with the most relevant articles toward the top of each section. Some entries fit in more than one category.

AI: Artificial Intelligence

Art Theory


Morality/Politics and Art (for censorship see above)

  1. Is Immoral Art Bad Art?
  2. Get Politics the F out of Art!
  3. Morality, Politics, Vomit, and Art.
  4. Art is Not Inherently Political!
  5. Censoring and Burning Art in the Name of Progressive Morality
  6. In Defense of Cindy Sherman.
  7. People Who Shouldn’t be Allowed to Teach Art!


  1. Argument against no free will (determinism)
  2. Consciousness, Free Will, and Art
  3. How Postmodernism Has Worked Against Us.
  4. What Is Consciousness?
  5. Do we live in a simulated universe? Yes, but not one created by aliens.
  6. Do we live in a simulated universe, Part 2: Rejoinder to Nick Bostrom.
  7. Say so long to Solipsism
  8. Inextinguishable Originality: Refuting Rosalind Krauss.
  9. Rant: Modernism’s shortcomings, debate, being censored, insulted, blocked and banned.
  10. Google Deep Dream Getting Too Good
  11. Algorithm Decides Which Art Is The Most Creative.
  12. What is the Purpose of Visual Art?
  13. What is Real in Art?
  14. The “Spiritual” in Art for the Intellectually Rigorous


  1. The “Spiritual” in Art for the Intellectually Rigorous