Monster Maiden(s) #2, by Eric Wayne: Digital Painting, 33X45″ at 300 dpi. 1/2016

I almost can’t believe I finished it. It’s kind of uncharted terrain because of the combination of approaches, programs (I used 5 programs), and styles. Sometimes I surprise myself, which is what keeps me going making art. It’s not the 85 cents in donations I get per month, assuming I finish a significant new work. This is some cool, weird shit. My first piece in this series was much more Expressionistic/Impressionistic, but as I looked at it and other “paintings”, I noticed a tendency to have a sort of straight on viewpoint that keeps things flat.

So I taught myself Zbrush, and sculpted my second monster. This monster was my first attempt at 3D sculpting, so it took a while and I kept having to look stuff up when I ran into trouble. Early on it looked like this:

Monster-Maiden-#2-in-progressLater I got a lot more details going on:

one-more-angleThen I got the bright idea that since it was a digital sculpture, not only could I rotates it and whatnot, I could easily duplicate it and have two creatures. Of course, I got this idea because I couldn’t really decided on one angle that captured it the best, so wanted two simultaneous angles.

Zbrush wasn’t giving me as much 3D perspective as I wanted, so I had to take the models into Blender, and try to remember how to use that program, which I spent a lot of time teaching myself about a half year ago. I forgot most everything. But eventually I got a good composition and lighting situation set up.

monster-maiden-2-in-progressNext I had to get it in color. You can paint stuff right in the 3D programs, but I didn’t wanna’ mess with figuring out how to do it in Blender, so did the whole thing in PS.

And once I settled on a color scheme, I had to paint it. For this I have to consult my notes, because I’ve been elaborating my “digital impasto” technique for years, and it’s a bit convoluted. And, oh, shit, I forgot to give them nipples. Had to fudge that in the painting stage. Some other tough things were making the eyes, which as a sculpture were solid, into globules with reflections.

Here are a few details:

MM2-detail-5 MM2-detail-4 MM2-detail-3 MM2-detail-2 MM2-detail-1

If you’re wondering why the hell I’m making monsters with boobs, well, I explained it in the post on the first in the series. It’s not a comment on women, not really, but more a comment on men, if you are looking for the political angle (though that’s a small part of the art).

I have an idea for the next one that will also use all the techniques I used in this one. Stay tuned.

~ Ends

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      1. Oh, right, looked it up. It’s hard for me to get my hands on novels for geographical reasons, but I’ll keep an eye out for it in the future. It’s easy to remember the author’s name.


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