Andy Warhol and Donald Trump
“Andy foresaw it all”, by Eric Wayne. 1/2017.

The title is a double entendre: Andy predicted Trump’s presidency, and he was part of a group of ideas that partially paved the way for it. This started as a quick graphic for an article I’m working on about Andy and Donald, celebrity, and the notion that making money is art. You can imagine I certainly don’t agree with that wholeheartedly. The original collage I made looked like this:

My first color collage.

I liked the quick graphic (obviously I put Trump in the TV), but, Trump’s head is more in focus than Andy’s, so I decided to play around with other images I could find of Andy. Once I put it in B&W, there was a strange effect, which was that Donald looked like his image was from the 50’s or 60’s. My Warhol is also a composite of three pictures of him, though predominantly one. The glasses come from a separate image. So, overall, this photo of the cultural icon doesn’t really exist, and yet it has the quality of being historic footage.

If you look at it there are a few little hidden things to find. It has a dreamy Surrealist feel, partly because of the waves, as if it’s something you saw in a dream. As for the cultural commentary, the article is coming soon.

It’s critical of Andy’s legacy, but also a bit of an homage. I’m midway through a nearly 4 hour documentary on Warhol extolling his extraordinary greatness, and watched a shorter one yesterday. I try to keep open-minded. I like Warhol, but I’m much more of a fan of the far end of the other side of the spectrum, which would be the likes of Francis Bacon.

So, yeah, started out as a graphic for a header, and I started getting into it, saw it conjured curious things, and decided it merited being a minor art piece of its own. I do occasionally do collages (and use collage techniques at some point in most of my art).


I made a video about the piece, which you can watch below.

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