The Human Fly B&W version, digital illustration, by Eric Kuns 12/1/2013
The Human Fly B&W version, digital illustration, by Eric Kuns 12/1/2013.  Click to see larger image.

The beast is alive!

This is the B&W version. Next I’m going to work on putting it in color, partly just to see what it will turn out like. I don’t normally work like this at all, so I don’t know exactly what to expect.

Yeah, I’ve actually never done anything quite like this before, and I’m not sure what possessed me, other than my wild imagination. I had to learn and relearn perspective and shading techniques to try to get through this.

There’s something odd and different about this image. It seems retro and new at the same time, and while the perspective is contrived it looks hyper-real. Many people might think this has nothing to do with fine art, and is an illustration. I don’t have a background in illustration, incidentally, and I think it not resembling what we expect fine art to be is a sign that it is.

It’s not 100% perfect. It’s actually overdone for a B&W phase of something intended to be in color. But the B&W stage was coming out so good, partly because of the “values” stage I incorporated earlier on (after hammering out the line drawing), that I thought it could stand on it’s own. So, there will be two versions. Expect the next one in about a week.

4 replies on “The Human Fly B&W

  1. Amazing fly man creature. He’s terrifying and approachable and the same time. Looking forward to the color, but in the meantime I’ll enjoy the B/W. Cheers.


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