Extrusion of the Psychonaut, by Eric Wayne [Digital painting, 24″X32″ @300 dpi. 4/6/2015]. Click to see in new tab, and sized for your monitor.
This is the first image I’ve made since incorporating Blender into my art. Over the last several months, without ever intending to, I’ve taken up several new programs: Painter, ArtRage, Sculptris, Makehuman, and Blender. Up until then I did everything in Photoshop. This piece wasn’t an experiment or an accident, as many of my pieces are. I fully intended to produce this result. I first created a figure in Makehuman, then posed it in Blender, then figured out how to extrude it (I’m sure there’s a better way, but I fudged one that worked well enough). Next I brought it into PS to color it. Finally I painted it in ArtRage. Below you can see the same composition as the finished image, but still in Blender.

Extruded dude while still in Blender.

The surface texture is very important to me, probably because of the classic painterly feel it gives it, which helps place it within the long tradition of painting and image making. detail-5




detail-1 This would best be seen on a very large monitor, or else a large print, so that you could see the detail and the whole image at once, instead of mainly one or the other. As for the meaning, suffice it to say there is one. I’m not going to put it in words this time. It’s non-verbal communication. I’ll put up prints tomorrow.

globule~ Ends

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