BB&F #01, by Eric Wayne, 25″x28″@300 dpi, 5/17/017

Here’s a new piece, and a possible beginning of a new series. I’ll have to see if I can manage another along these lines.

Just a few things I’d want people to notice about this work for now, so people don’t steer completely off course.

  1. It’s at least part a parody, so don’t take anything too literally. It’s got humor, irony, and ambiguity in it.
  2. I love fish, and a fish is being killed here (which is part of why the woman is a monster). But I’m not protesting fishing, either.
  3. I’m not saying women are monsters, or at least not any more monstrous than men.

You might notice the influence of Picasso, Francis Bacon, The Outer Limits, and my other work.

I may make more of these, so I’ll hold off on going into it in more depth. But here are some details showing the technique I’m using:

What does BB&F stand for? I’m sure you can come up with some good ideas.

~ Ends

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