Work in progress – Hollowed


You can see how I’m working here. Very directly. Just laying down color and then looking at it for images, then starting to manifest them. This one’s already surprising me. I wrote more about what it’s about, and why I’m digging where it’s going, but I deleted it. If I say too much, I might lose my excitement about it or motivation to complete it. Hopefully I can pull it off without losing a certain essence it has now, which I find a little scary.

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Eyeing the Ironess, behind the scenes.

Detail of eyes in the robot head.

And the whole image.

Eyeing the Ironess, @3’X4.5′, July 2016

The method.

This is a new style for me, or rather a new development, because it uses one of my oldest approaches to making imagery – making marks and then studying them waiting for unexpected imagery to emerge. It’s that simple. I used this same technique for a series of a dozen acrylic paintings over 20 years ago [several of my favorites below]. Read More

New Art: Eyeing the Ironess

Eyeing the Ironess, @3’X4.5′, July 2016

When I first finish something, I prefer for people to just look at it, without me leading the viewer. You can click on the image to see it in a separate tab without distractions and maximized to your screen. I’ll share details, my ideas about this style, a couple process pics, and more tomorrow.

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New Art: Portrait of an Impasto Imposter

“Portrait of an Impasto Imposter” by Eric Wayne, June 2016 [digital impasto painting].
No, that’s not a self-portrait. This piece was an experiment in digital impasto – I don’t know of anyone who has explored this territory as much as I have – and has special emphasis on the illusionistic surface texture. This is an inversion of my  more customary methods, because usually you have to zoom in to see the texture, where in this case you can see the texture zoomed out, and as you zoom in it only gets smoother. Below is what it looks like zoomed in to actual pixels [the original file is 30X30 inches at 300 dpi].

Detail at actual pixels..

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Work in progress, new style…

“Eyeing the Irronness”, in progress.

The good thing about this style is that it allows for maximal flexibility with minimal getting bogged down in the details.

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Milo Moirés Fondling Boxes

Milo Moire box
Milo letting strangers grope her as an assertion of women’s sexual power?!

Once again Milo Moiré’s sensationalist performance art is in the news. She’s hatched eggs out of her vagina onto canvas; marched around nude in a museum in high heels and carrying a baby; and now she’s moved on from the visual to the physical. Ostensibly in order to fight against sexism, protest rape, and reclaim female sexuality, she went in public wearing a mirrored box over her chest or waist,  and allowed people to reach in and feel her body for up to 30  seconds. Cameras in the boxes filmed the contact, which is, in my estimation, anything but erotic (some may beg to differ). Read More