I made this video to help people appreciate my piece. Check it out. It’s cool. And I uploaded it in high resolution so you can select HIGH DEFINITION and full screen mode on your player to see it in maximal beauty! Hang in for the close-ups. Also the music I chose is very appropriate and cool.


9 replies on “Video of Seafood Spaghetti Sunday with stages and close-ups

  1. That was done digitally? When I first saw this painting a couple of days ago my first thought was “just LOOK at that texture”, assuming it was done through the use of thick oil paints or something of that nature.. This is ridiculous – in the best possible way! I am actually gob smacked it was done on a computer, I have sat and tediously tried to replicate texture through various computer programs and failed miserably. Awesome work (:


      1. Thanks again! I created it just using the software that comes with Windows 7. I figured out how to use it yesterday, and made the video today. It’s actually not very difficult.


      2. I think you have done an awesome job at it too. It always frustrates me when people say that digital art is a form of “cheating” or that it is not authentic. I can appreciate talented digital artists, like yourself, because I understand how difficult it can be to work digitally, it has its perks like all methods, but I cannot seem to ‘get’ it, so to speak.

        I appreciate your work probably more so then other digital art I have seen because it does have a very traditional feel to it, and it has a quality I look for in all art, (one that is also difficult to put into words, hence my rambling haha)!

        But thank you nonetheless for the video, I always appreciate it when artists take the time to share information on their creative process or video/photo progression shots. It means a lot to learning artists such as myself, and art lovers alike I’d imagine!


      3. You are most welcome. I’m actually working on a post about this piece with influences and stuff, and came up with this video as a way of tackling part of it. So, that’ll be up in the next several days, for what that’s worth.


      4. I shall be checking it out once it is posted! Always nice to get an insight into an artist’s work 🙂


    1. Thanks. I’ve been working on the thick paint techniques for at least 6 or 7 years. There’s always the question about working digitally or using traditional mediums, and there are lots of compelling reasons NOT to use digital, such as not being able to sell “original” pieces for high prices, and NOT being able to use thick paint.

      However, because I have a painting background and have looked at reproductions of paintings for countless hours, it made sense to recreate a reproduction of thick oil. But the main thing is just that sometimes I am able to achieve the effect I want on the computer, and that’s useful for realizing future work.

      Yeah, I think it takes another artist who has tried to do this sort of thing to really appreciate it! 🙂


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