Bat Girl Bites Back, by Eric Wayne, digital painting, June 2020.

This started out as an exercise in lighting, shading, and workflow, but it ended up being an artwork I’m proud of. A lot of the techniques and procedures I employed I got from a digital painting course by veteran Disney animator, Aaron Blaise. The initial drawing and the character design are all my own.

If you follow my blog you might remember my reproducing one of his images by working along with the tutorial. One isn’t intended to reproduce the image, but just watch the process. Below, my version is on the right. I’m all for giving credit where credit is due.

An alien created by Aaron Blaise, and my version, on the right.

I used some of these techniques to produce Ant Man Goes AWOL.

Ant Man Goes AWOL, by Eric Wayne, digital painting, March 2020.

I like the way Aaron explains his process, but it’s not entirely his invention. I learned a lot of similar proecdures from a digital painting course I did by Andrew Hou. Here’s my version of one of his creations, using his approach.

My version is on the left. Note that Andrew Hou’s version is blurry because it’s a screen capture.

I often use the analogy of MMA for digital painting. In order to be competitive, one may want to learn the moves of the other contenders and incorporate them into one’s own style. I have plenty of my own unique moves, some of them secret (OK, a lot of them) but I’m going to need every advantage, and to be as good as possible, just to get any recognition at all in the fine art or illustration world. I intend to do more pieces based on tutorials in order to develop my work flow and skill set.


Here’s the image in Phooshop.
Bats have weird organs in their ears, perhaps for sonar.
I didn’t have a tongue in the original drawing. I fixed that smudge below the upper middle teeth.
You can see some veins in t he eye in the detail.


I also offer the B&W version

~ Ends

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