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  1. Runaway Rant: How I Conceive of People Vs. Identity Politics (5/22/2018) - You are not a thing. You are a phenomenon. [Written in one sitting, and I haven’t edited it yet.] And here are several things I’m mulling over BECAUSE even if we have firm conclusions about anything, how much those conclusions resonate, and how we relate to them is in perpetual flux. This is why I […]
  2. New Art: Selfies From Alternate Universes # 19: with Gan-Q (5/21/2018) - If you are new to this series all the images are based on recent photos of me after being fed through Faceapp (which can change age, gender, etc.), then altered in Photoshop, and then painted in Corel Painter. None of the people actually exist, and thus they are like self portraits from parallel dimensions or […]
  3. Runaway Rant. Instagram – Tit for Tat – Spammy artists… (5/16/2018) - Sometimes I wake up and it just seems like everything is stacked against me, though not me in particular. As people like to say, “it’s not personal”. No, it isn’t. It’s an affront to the personal and the individual. It’s calculatedly indifferent. It’s clinical. It’s commercial. It’s about power and money, money and power. It’s […]
  4. Quotas for Art Museums. It’s here! (5/9/2018) - QUOTAS FOR ART MUSEUMS Are quotas a good idea for art museums? Should museum collections be based on race, gender, and sexual orientation/identification? The Baltimore Museum of Art is doing something very similar to that: selling off works in the permanent collection by white males, and replacing them with new art by marginalized persons. Some […]
  5. New Art: Selfies From Alternate Universes # 18: The Cure (5/7/2018) - If you are new to this series all the images are based on recent photos of me after being fed through Faceapp (which can change age, gender, etc.), then altered in Photoshop, and then painted in Corel Painter. None of the people actually exist, and thus they are like self portraits from parallel dimensions or […]
  6. Egg On Egon Schiele (5/4/2018) - Maybe Egon Schiele was a bad egg, and maybe not. Maybe I watched too many Frankenstein movies as a kid, because whenever people get out the torches and pitchforks I find myself sympathizing with the “monster”. What if he’s just misunderstood? I tend to think it’s better to be the person weighing the stone in […]
  7. New Art: Selfies From Alternate Universes # 17: The Prisoner (4/28/2018) - If you are new to this series all the images are based on recent photos of me after being fed through Faceapp (which can change age, gender, etc.), then altered in Photoshop, and then painted in Corel Painter. None of the people actually exist, and thus they are like self portraits from parallel dimensions or […]
  8. New Art: Selfies From Alternate Universes # 16 (4/24/2018) - If you are new to this series all the images are based on recent photos of me after being fed through Faceapp (which can change age, gender, etc.), then altered in Photoshop, and then painted in Corel Painter. None of the people actually exist, and thus they are like self portraits from parallel dimensions or […]
  9. Reflections on 5 Years of Blogging, and a Few Insights (4/24/2018) - A small graphic from WordPress appeared a couple days ago notifying me that I’ve been blogging for 5 years. Two things come immediately to mind when faced with that fact. One is that I’ve continued to blog, and expand my site far beyond what I could have ever conceived when I started. I have 560 […]
  10. New Art: Selfies From Alternate Universes # 15 “Elle” (4/14/2018) - If you are new to this series all the images are based on recent photos of me after being fed through Faceapp (which can change age, gender, etc.), then altered in Photoshop, and then painted in Corel Painter. None of the people actually exist, and thus they are like portraits from parallel dimensions or alternate […]
  11. New Art: Selfies From Alternate Universes # 14 “Mad as Hell” (4/13/2018) - If you are new to this series all the images are based on recent photos of me after being fed through Faceapp (which can change age, gender, etc.), then altered in Photoshop, and then painted in Corel Painter. None of the people actually exist, and thus they are like portraits from parallel dimensions or alternate […]
  12. New Art: Selfies From Alternate Universes # 13 (2bl Portrait) (4/8/2018) - If you are new to this series all the images are based on recent photos of me after being fed through Faceapp (which can change age, gender, etc.), then altered in Photoshop, and then painted in Corel Painter. None of the people actually exist, and thus they are like portraits from parallel dimensions or alternate […]
  13. New Art: Selfies From Alternate Universes #11 & 12 (3/23/2018) - If you are new to this series all the images are based on recent photos of me after being fed through Faceapp (which can change age, gender, etc.), then altered in Photoshop, and then painted in Corel Painter. None of the people actually exist, and thus they are like portraits from parallel dimensions or alternate […]
  14. Pretty Dumb Bombast: Hirst’s New Shit (3/22/2018) - From birthday parties, to showers or a night out with friends, you can reserve our splatter room for a fun get-together. All can join in to make one large masterpiece or everyone makes their own piece of art, there is no age limit or skill required!! There are formulas, or templates one can use to […]
  15. Instagram Gem O’ Th’day #5: Troy Brooks (3/21/2018) - Because I find some of the most striking visual art when prowling through people’s Instagram posts. @officialtroybrooks Troy Brooks always paints elegantl, extremely elongated, idealized, beautiful and frightening women. One of the things I most like about his art is that I like it in spite of myself. By that I mean that it’s not […]
  16. Instagram Gem O’ Th’day #4: Trude Viken (3/20/2018) -  Because I find some of the most striking visual art when prowling through people’s Instagram posts. @trude_viken Trude Viken is an artist I discovered while searching #contemporaryart, and is a perfect example of why I am sharing Instagram posts. Normally we get our art filtered through art publications and critics. It comes with the stamp […]
  17. Instagram Gem O’ Th’day #3: Lucien Freud (3/19/2018) - Because I find some of the most striking visual art when prowling through people’s Instagram posts. I intended to feature living artists from their own posts, but this Freud leapt out from my feed as an amazing and audacious painting. @truevisionaries_ I think I can safely say that Lucien Freud is the greatest portrait/figure painter […]
  18. New Art: Selfies From Alternate Universes #10 (3/18/2018) - This is #10 in the series so far. I’ve started sharing these on Instagram, which I didn’t do earlier because people mostly just look at the pics without reading, and if you don’t know the back story, you will just assume they are photo-realistic paintings of people that exist, or if you don’t look that […]
  19. Instagram Gem O’ Th’day #2: Alex Grey (3/18/2018) - Because I find some of the most striking visual art when prowling through people’s Instagram posts. This is the second installment in a series of more brief articles I’m doing revolving around one image by a living artist, taken from an Instagram post. This time I reproduced the whole post, and I’ll also share the […]
  20. Instagram Gem O’ Th’day #1: Charlie Immer (3/17/2018) - Because I find some of the most striking visual art when prowling through people’s Instagram posts. @charlieimmer Don’t be deceived by the comically horrific subject matter, this is a serious and sophisticated achievement in fine art painting. Just stop and notice how the artist — Charlie Immer — has negotiated illusionistic three-dimensional space. Look at […]
  21. Good Guy Hunting: In Defense of Matt Damon (3/15/2018) - Matt Damon suggested that the punishment should fit the crime, and for this thought-crime the public deemed the fitting punishment to be the end of his career. This is the sad story in which an actor is forced to apologize for reminding us that we shouldn’t exact extreme punishment for minor transgressions. The irony being […]
  22. People Who Shouldn’t be Allowed to Teach Art! (3/12/2018) - Teaching should be like medicine, in that teacher’s should take the equivalent of the hippocratic oath: to do no harm! In a recent article in Hyperallergic a veteran teacher, Anthony Hawley, discusses the sort of bitter medicine he prescribes to his students in a Color and Composition class. I would be shocked if I didn’t […]
  23. New Art: Selfies From Alternate Universes #9 (3/11/2018) - The latest one surprised even me. when I conceived this series I didn’t imagine this image would crop up. I find that this image seems very familiar, and not just because it looks really a lot like me in an old lady who is very upset. I feel like I’ve seen it before, but can’t […]
  24. New Art: Selfies From Alternate Universes #7, #8 (3/8/2018) - If you just stumbled upon my blog, for this series I’m using the neural network in FaceApp to change my face, then I tweak the image in PS, then paint over it in Corel Painter. It’s more complex than that in terms of content and process, but you get the idea. I’m sharing them in […]
  25. New Art: Selfies From Alternate Universes #5, #6 (3/4/2018) - Here are the latest 2 additions to my Selfies From Alternate Universes series. Now there are 6 of these apparitions. If you didn’t read my prior post, they are all based on recent pics of me, use FaceApp, editing in Photoshop, and digital painting mostly in Corel Painter. I think I’m going to share these […]
  26. New Series Underway: Portraits From Alternate Universes (2/27/2018) - These people don’t exist. They are ghostly apparitions created in the mad scientist’s soupy cauldron of neural network technology. They presage a time when we can play God and fashion artificially intelligent digital humans who live and suffer in a simulated universe. All of the images are based on recent photos of me. If they […]
  27. Movie Recommendation: Beautiful Accident (2/26/2018) - What would happen if you suddenly found yourself in a different life? Sometimes watching a foreign film is as good as going on a mini-vacation. You get exposed to a different culture, another angle of perspective, and the opportunity to immerse yourself in a rich humanity that isn’t your own. The Chinese movie, Beautiful Accident […]
  28. Is Immoral Art Bad Art? (2/22/2018) - When I started chipping away at this topic I didn’t realize how enormous it was. I’ve written about censorship and highly political cases made against certain artists, but those issues are mere TIE fighters – morality is the Star Destroyer. You can vote in the poll before I have a chance to influence you one […]
  29. New Art (#47) ~ with a Galapagos Marine Iguana (2/21/2018) - It’s a bit of a miracle folks. I haven’t added to this series since November 7th, and I haven’t been able to make art for about 2 months. I gave away my monitor when I moved home to America. I couldn’t stay in the U.S. because of some unforeseen circumstances, so moved (back) to Thailand. […]
  30. Wonderful Documentary about a Chinese Van Gogh Copy Artist. (2/18/2018) - This poignant new documentary [which you can watch here] brings together two of my favorite things: Van Gogh and China. When I say China I’m talking about the everyday China that I lived in for over 4 years, and the good, hard-working people who live there: not the economic superpower or the communist government. Here […]
  31. New Page for “Thought” (2/18/2018) - I’ve been blogging for over 5 years, have more than 500 posts, and more than 500,000 views (on average a post gets 1,000 views over  time). Most my views come from Google searches, and some of my articles are in constant circulation. There was much on my site now that there was no efficient way […]
  32. Everything You Never Wanted to Know about Francis Bacon, in HD (2/17/2018) - This 2017 movie is available on YouTube in glorious HD. Bacon is probably my second favorite painter after Van Gogh, and then I don’t even have a #3 (unless it’s me). Bacon’s sordid personal life, however, is not my cup of tea (there’s a very heavy dose of sado-masochism in that brew). The film lovingly […]
  33. The Obama Portraits and Wiley’s Beheaded White Woman Paintings (2/15/2018) - The Obama Portraits My first impression of the portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama was that they were suitable, fresh, and good. I also instantly recognized Kehinde Wiley’s signature style in the painting of the president. A little research unearthed that Norman Rockwell made the depiction of Nixon; Elaine de Kooning had done the JFK […]
  34. Rebuttal to Sonya Boyce’s Defense of Removing Waterhouse’s Painting (2/12/2018) - Sonya Boyce’s political, conceptual art piece which included removing a Pre-Raphaelite painting from a museum is part of a radical left movement which has infiltrated the art world and increasingly seeks to censor art, shut down shows, condemn artists, and even destroy art. Her statement, which is designed to reinforce the rhetoric used to justify […]
  35. Get Politics the F out of Art! (2/8/2018) - [RANT ALERT!] It would be more accurate to say, “get art the F out of politics”, because politics has engulfed art and not the other way around, but then it sounds more like art is meddling in politics, which it is, but that’s a lesser problem for me. I want to free art from the […]
  36. The Waterhouse Water Nymphs Debate: Is Censorship Art? (2/7/2018) - One of the public’s favorite paintings – Hylas and the Nymphs (1896) – was removed from the Manchester Art Gallery in order to challenge historic sexism in art. Those responsible for taking down the painting insist their action was not censorship but itself a work of art. This is an incredible affront to art. Taking […]
  37. Chucking out Chuck Close for Allegedly Being Naughty (2/2/2018) - The Claims Against Chuck: Chuck Close is now believed to be a terrible person who has committed sexual harassment, in which case people further believe that his art should not be viewed. Allegedly, he uttered words like “pussy” and made lewd comments to females who he paid to pose for nude photos. He told one […]
  38. New Index of Artists I’ve Written About (1/30/2018) - You can now find this list permanently as a sub-menu of “art criticism”. This will allow readers to find articles which discuss artists they are interested in. I’ll update it as I add new posts. Abramović, Marina Why People Hate Contemporary/Conceptual Art (A section is devoted to her “The Artist is Present” performance.) The Debate […]
  39. Eerie Alfred Kubin: Forgotten Pioneer of Symbolism, Expressionism, and Surrealism (1/29/2018) - Here a new art was thrown open to me, which offered free play for the imaginative expression of every conceivable world of feeling.~ Alfred Kubin (upon seeing prints by Max Klinger). If this work from 1903 doesn’t seem really weird to you, and in a good way, with its bizarre crab fishing babies out of […]
  40. Bad Luck, or Bad Actors and Unimaginative Drones, etc. (1/26/2018) -   A long meditation on a very difficult period in my life, which ain’t over yet. It will be divided into 7 parts. 1) Bad Luck 2) Bad Actors and Unimaginative Drones 3) The Bitter Pill 4) My Original Sin 5) When I Decided I Needed to Make Art 6) How to Survive 7) A […]
  41. Missile Attack – Last Post – Purpose of Life (1/13/2018) - Recently I did a post about bad luck. Things can always get worse. Today I was on one of my long early morning walks and a car pulled up along side me. The driver yelled something. I wondered what the hell he could be upset about. I’m just some guy walking and most the people […]
  42. Dismantling the Dominant Art Narrative (1/8/2018) - Book Review: American Art Since 1945, by David Joseselit (which is a handy distillation of current art orthodoxy to deflate). This book could have been dictated by a blind person who had a peculiar obsession with rarefied conceptual art theory. The pleasure of looking at art is never considered. American Art Since 1945, by David […]
  43. Bad Luck & Rupturing the Protective Bubble of Complacency… (12/31/2017) -   Bad Luck: I haven’t been able to complete any new art this month [see samples of my art above], nor write articles. It’s because I had the opportunity to move back to the U.S. and stay somewhere where I could devote myself to art for about a year, and thus I moved. This was […]
  44. New Art: Splinter-Eye (Color Version) (11/29/2017) - This is the color version of a drawing I finished earlier this month: And this was based on a ball-point sketch I did in a lined pad of paper: I like the color version with its Impressionist colors and treatment, but the B&W I feel is more mesmerizing. Maybe that’s just how I feel at […]
  45. My Early Art is Rescued, and Musing on the Dumb Prejudice Against Digital Art (11/24/2017) - My Early Work is Saved There are many reasons being an artist is rough, or as we artists might say to ourselves at times “sucks”. 90% of art majors do not continue on to art careers (according to an article in The Atlantic), and I would guess that among visual artists that number is even […]
  46. New Art: Splinter Eye (Alien Messiah) (11/22/2017) - For my next exciting act I’m going to attempt to make this into a color, digital painting. I’ll save the commentary until then. For now the image can stand on its own. Be back soon with another baboon: ~ Eric Funding. Through Patreon, you can give $1 (or more) per month to help keep me […]
  47. New 6 Minute Video Showcasing a Bunch of My Work (11/14/2017) - Video may be the best way to share my art, because I can include close ups and pans and give it some music. For this one I used Camtasia, which is better for recording what you see on your monitor (useful for tutorials and such), but not so good with the specific things I was […]
  48. New Art (#46) The Prisoner (of Fate & Chaos), with new technique … (11/7/2017) - The new technique, as you can plainly see above, is how to go from a rough B&W image into a painterly, color one, without losing the roughness or drama of the original. I won’t go into the details of how it’s done, which is kinda’ a secret anyway, but it uses a combo of Photoshop […]
  49. My Amazing Patrons (11/5/2017) - Here are my generous and perspicacious supporters through Patreon or Paypal (who also choose to be listed). They help make it possible for me to continue making challenging new fine art images and writing art criticism and other articles. If you’d like to contribute (for as little as $1 a month), in which case I […]
  50. New Art: “The Last Supper” (Tribute to Emil Nolde) (11/1/2017) - If you are thinking something along the lines of, “Why the hell would anyone draw THAT in 2017?”, than I think you’ve answered your own question. Precisely. Why do something anyone else would do? And no I’m not religious or anti-religious. Please notice: The alien and its hand on the woman’s head. The whole snake. […]
  51. Another Critic Hates Francis Bacon, and is Clueless (10/31/2017) - I just happened across a 2015 article –  “Francis Bacon and the Masters review – a cruel exposure of a con artist” – by Jonathan Jones of The Guardian fame, about how he can no longer take Bacon seriously, in which case I can no longer take Jonathan Jones seriously. It very well may be […]
  52. Art Criticism Book Review: Tom Wolfe, “The Painted Word” (10/23/2017) - “The Painted Word hit the art world like a really bad, MSG-headache-producing, Chinese lunch.” – Rosalind Krauss. [If you know who Rosalind Krauss is, and her writing, you would know to consider the source, especially if you’d ever tried to plow through her attempts to harness and parrot the worse verbal excesses of the French […]
  53. Why the Still Image is Still Vital (10/23/2017) - I was going to say, “Why the still image is still relevant” but that’s already a conceit: it’s merely not irrelevant. What I’m talking about might be most evident in photography, say, when you compare it to watching an artsy 70’s film with lingering shots that work as portraits, and it’s one beautiful image after […]
  54. Believing is Seeing? (10/21/2017) - [Rant, which means I write this in one go, no editing. There’s a certain poetry to how sentences just unravel like a coiled rug. But mostly I don’t have time to write my more academic articles right now, and that’s because I’m much more subsumed in making my own art. Wait, I’d better do one […]
  55. New Art (#45): Now is the Season of the Witch. (10/19/2017) - Yup, this is #45 of images all made from my imagination, and unpremeditated. And this means there’s a lot of subconscious influence. I don’t know that I would have deliberately thought of that weird, striped creature, who is striped or entwined by snaky coils, depending on how you look at it. It’s also bending forward, […]
  56. F_ck The Fountain! (10/11/2017) - [An unedited rant written in one go over a cup of coffee. This time I’m leaving in my typos and other shit. Yes, I know that “it’s” as a possessive doesn’t get an apostrophe, and I know the difference between “your” and “you’re”, and between “there” and “their” and “they’re”… But when I type, I […]
  57. The “Spiritual” in Art for the Intellectually Rigorous (10/6/2017) - “Not only is the universe stranger than we think, it is stranger than we can think.” ~ Werner Heisenberg. I recently received an email in which someone addressed the sticky issue of me sometimes using the word spiritual (often in combination with psychedelic like this psychedelic/spiritual) in describing my art. Yes, I realize for most […]
  58. Video explaining my new piece, Ecstatic Communion. (10/3/2017) - I did this in one shot, and just used my laptop microphone, so the sound quality is not as good as I’ve done in the past. But I cover the main points, and there are some good ones in there. And now I want you to look at this shit: Occasionally I get somewhat dejected […]
  59. New Art (#44): Ecstatic Communion (10/2/2017) - This one merits some explanation, but I’m working on a video that handles that better than writing about it, because I can zoom in and out, and highlight areas I want to discuss. In the mean time, better to access it through the eyes than via verbal/written language, in the same way it’s better to […]
  60. New Art (#43): Gorgon-Odalisque (9/14/2017) - Look if you dare. Do the typical swipe before even blinking once. But beware if you linger. This is one of my darker pieces, dredged up from the subconscious. If you stare at it you start to get sucked in and images will suddenly appear. The more you look, the deeper it gets. There is […]
  61. Work in Progress using 3D Sculpting (9/2/2017) - I have plans for this guy, which include putting him in color, once he’s done, and incorporating him into one of my digital impasto paintings. If you follow my blog you’ve seen several B&W drawings recently, purely 2D stuff. Those are a lot of fun for me, but I’m also working on a more ambitious […]
  62. 10 Tips for Cycling in Cambodia (Siem Reap) (9/1/2017) - Even if you have no plans to ride a bike or motorbike, or even attempt to cross a street without getting plowed in Cambodia, who knows, you might end up visiting Angkor Wat one day, which I highly recommend as one of the best cultural attractions in the world. Traffic in Cambodia is also kinda’ […]
  63. New Art (#42): Looking With the Inner Eye (9/1/2017) - Dear Readers: Here’s my latest creation, and I’m having so much fun with this style. It’s a way of working I started decades ago, but which was beaten out of me, metaphorically speaking, in art school. If I were in art school today I don’t think I could get away with churning out this sort […]
  64. Rant: Modernism’s shortcomings, debate, being censored, insulted, blocked and banned. (8/31/2017) - A few things are annoying me today. Top on the list is people banning me, insulting me, and blocking me when I challenge one of their ideas and they can’t hold their own in an argument. Now, I’m not talking about just some jokers, but people who publish fairly serious articles. Apparently, you can write […]
  65. New Art: (#41) Ancient Alien Cave Art (8/26/2017) - Don’t worry my discerning fans, the title is humorous. I don’t think we descended from an alien/ape hybrid. Well, not, y’know, like an alien named Enlil, who was an Ananyaki space commander from planet Nibiru, came and inseminated a bunch of chimps in order to create a hybrid slave force to dig for gold. I […]
  66. New Art: (#40) With Chains (8/24/2017) - This is #40 in this series so far, and the 9th in which I’m using the same basic technique. I have a very hard time working in a single, definitive style, mostly because one of my primary objectives is exploration, as opposed to the much more popular and practical approach, which is to produce a […]
  67. The Argument for Free Speech & Against Censorship (8/22/2017) - You can have free speech without violence or oppression, but censorship requires force, which means at least oppression, and violence if necessary to enforce it. [Note: Here I am talking about ideas or arguments as free speech, not slander, malicious gossip, or plans to commit a crime, and not actual crimes such as snuff films, […]
  68. Alien with Helmet (8/18/2017) - This is a very different way of drawing from my last piece. This is deliniating form with line. This has a lot more rules, though I surely broke just as many. It’s body doesn’t quite make sense and it doesn’t need to. This is a drawing, not a design for an alien. The helmet works […]
  69. New Art: (#38) With Arachnids (8/17/2017) - As I finished up details on this image I was listening to news. And I’ve been trying to listen to news that I don’t agree with, in order to make sure I’m hearing both sides, or rather multiple sides of issues. And the more I do this the more clear it becomes that various groups […]
  70. Gerhardt Richter’s Crappy Digital Stripe Paintings (8/14/2017) - I’m a big fan of Richter, especially his squeegee abstractions done with oil paint, but his digitally created “Stripe Paintings” are trite, and a technique I figured out at least 15 years ago. When I saw them a few weeks ago for the first time, they reminded me of some early digital experiments I did, […]
  71. Nuclear Ugliness: Fire and Fury like the World Has Never Seen (8/11/2017) - I’ve been trying to not talk about politics. Both the ideologues on the right and the left drive me nuts, in which case there’s barely any wiggle room for sanity between those bookends. But Donald just took the cake, and I’d rather America were overrun with screeching SJW ideologues than Donald irradiate a population of […]
  72. 500 Posts on My Blog (8/10/2017) - I got a notification today from WordPress that I’ve posted 500 times. I wouldn’t have thought it was that much. I remember counting my art criticism articles at one point when there were 50. But of course this includes all my art posts as well. A lot of people come and go in the blogging […]
  73. New Art: (#37) Veil of Dreams (8/9/2017) - There are some barely visible images in there. You may even find  things in there that I don’t see. Here’s all 37 pieces in the series so far in a slide show. Or, if you prefer, you can see them in a click-through gallery: To see other posts about other pieces in this series, go […]
  74. New Art: (#37) Looking at Fire. (8/7/2017) - Notice the man looks like he’s carved out of wood and that if you look in the fire you will see things yourself. There’s an obvious scary head in there, for starters. Just wanted to mess around with a sort of charcoal-looking drawing technique, which brings me right back to my charcoal drawings from the […]
  75. Censorship for Good in Art and Politics (8/3/2017) - Apparently, we now live in a climate of dastardly deeds for noble causes. There are elaborate arguments to justify suppressing this or that person in the name of morality, and it is supposed that we will be sufficiently wooed or intimidated by these arguments to not notice the tactics themselves are sinister. If you pan […]
  76. Aliens, Monsters & Robots (8/3/2017) - Here are 39 aliens, monsters, and robots (and an android or mutant or two…). I don’t consider myself a sci-fi artist, but these are all sci-fi creatures with a fine art sort of treatment. You an watch the slide show or click in the gallery below it. I recommend watching the slide show through once! […]
  77. New Art: Alien Head (8/2/2017) - This is a sketch of an alien head for a new series I’m starting. I’m planning all aliens for the next few months. We’ll have to see if I stick with it. The series is unified around the topic, not the medium or style, so allows for stylistic variety. There’s a lot more to it […]
  78. The Risk of Increasing Diversity of Bodies but Uniformity of Minds in Art (8/1/2017) - [This is a reaction to an article that appeared in Artnet News.] I think most everyone would agree that we don’t want one monolithic vision of art, or for people to be excluded from art careers because their perspective, culture, or biology is being discriminated against. We don’t want to miss out on great art […]
  79. Radical Activists Demand The End of an Artist’s Career (7/27/2017) - I invite you to look at the image above and get an impression without knowing who made the painting, if you don’t already know. What does it say about the subject and the artist. I’ll credit the artist later, don’t worry. Synopsis. We should be alarmed, folks. Now, if you are an artist, it’s open […]
  80. Great Art by Famous Artists Lost, Destroyed, or Censored (7/25/2017) - Some of my favorite pieces by famous artists are unknown. These works have become, for me, like vivid dreams forgotten within seconds of awakening, or photo albums destroyed in a fire. Most are lost treasures which only now exist as JPEGS that people such as myself happen to have downloaded. Not only are these works […]
  81. Carl & Ana: Art, Suicide, Murder, Belief (7/22/2017) - Or, how Mathew Barney is guilty of the murder of Ana Mendieta. “Maya, Maya, these are not the same things, Maya. Sex criminals and Matthew Barney and O. J. Simpson and Carl Andre and the Prophets — these are not the same thing. But what I’m saying is that they’ve become the same thing to […]
  82. New Art: (#36) The Little Mermaid (7/20/2017) - In this image I just went about it by making lines in black and white and goring over them and seeing what emerged, but keeping in ambiguous and not trying to make it into anything concrete. The foreground and background shift, and there are overlapping and intersecting parts. If you look at it for a […]
  83. New Art: (#35) Untitled in B&W (7/14/2017) - The previous 4 pieces I did were digital impasto, and incorporating some 3D modeling.  For a little break I decided to do something only using drawing. For this kind of drawing, of which I’ve done several in this series, I just use one brush in Photoshop, and I switch between black and white. It allows […]
  84. What is Real in Art? (7/11/2017) - What is Real in Art: With a Revaluation of Brian Ashbee’s Infamous “Art Bollocks” So much of the art of the recent past can be seen as attempts to get away from mere images, and confront the viewer with the real… ~ Brian Ashbee, 1999. The real in art is the evidence of self-awareness, or […]
  85. New Art: (#34) Upon Death the Mutant Sees God. (7/11/2017) - This is a bit of a new direction I’m exploring in the last several pieces. It’s pushing my imagery from my usual digital impasto into full-on bas relief with digital impasto. This one started as a 3D model, which you would have seen if you follow me on Facebook. Here’s some early work on the […]
  86. Shitting on Michelangelo Makes YOU Great! (7/9/2017) - In the room the women come and go shitting on Michelangelo. Today’s offense comes from artnetnews, and is about a conceptual artist who figured out how to cut Michelangelo down to size, while elevating himself to mammoth proportions. The idea behind the conceptual artwork above is that status changes, and what was once grand is […]
  87. No Hands Art and De-Skilled Art! (7/8/2017) - Don’t you know about No Hands art and de-skilled art? … No cutting-edge artist touches materials anymore, or instruments. Be just a little patient and indulge me, in which case you’ll find out where that quote comes from soon enough, and what I think of it. I was recently on a vacation in Kampot from […]
  88. What is the Purpose of Visual Art? (7/6/2017) - The purpose of science is to explore the universe, make discoveries, and bring back evidence: and the purpose of visual art is to explore the visual imagination, make discoveries, and bring back evidence (visual evidence). Maybe a more goofy analogy would be more direct and memorable: You are the Captain of the Art-ship Enterprise, and […]
  89. Trip and Evidence I’m Human (7/4/2017) - When people read some of my more seemingly irascible rants written about a topic like the travesty to the visual imagination that is the 100th anniversary of the Holy Grail that is Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain”, and before the caffeine from my first sips of coffee have bathed my neurons, I wonder what sort of curmudgeon […]
  90. New Art: (#33) Death of an Android (6/20/2017) - Impasto liquid metal paint. Notice how some brush strokes carve into the Android head. If you don’t know my work, this is digital. This is a new direction I’m exploring, and you might expect some more offerings in a similar vein. The technique is something I’m developing on my own and can be a little […]
  91. New Art: Her Beautiful Alien Voice (6/12/2017) - I think this one speaks for itself. Just a note that I made the alien model myself, but it’s of course based on a famous 50’s alien, which I also used in this piece (below). While the above image is similar to a lot of my other work, I did a few things here and […]
  92. New Art: (#31) Experiment 02 in 2.5D (6/8/2017) - Another experiment with a new technique. If you don’t already know my work, this is digital. Here are a couple details. and closer   Here’s all 31 pieces in the series so far in a slideshow. Or, if you prefer, you can see them in a click-through gallery: To see other posts about other pieces […]
  93. Censoring and Burning Art in the Name of Progressive Morality (6/7/2017) - “In general it’s time for all us to shut up and listen.” ~ Jerry Salz “Fund the work of non-white artists and suppress their white counterparts, censor white productions, belittle the achievements of white people while celebrating non-white people” ~ Travis Webb “White supremacy lives and breathes within every single white person” ~ Naima Lowe […]
  94. The Strange Self-Defeating Psychology of Instagram (5/30/2017) - I only got on Instagram when my girlfriend got a new smart phone and I inherited her old one. If you don’t have a smart phone, you can’t use Instagram (there are workarounds, but it’s not for the PC). And after a year or so using the app, I find that it encourages a self-defeating […]
  95. New Art: (#30) Experiment in 2.5D (5/28/2017) - Notice that the brush strokes are 3D, not just as in embossing, but some are coming up off the canvas. I stumbled on a new technique and combined it with my digital impasto method to get this effect. It also incorporates my interest in imagery that is balanced between abstraction and figuration. This was an […]
  96. Koons’ Ballerina Plagiarist Buffoonery (5/25/2017) - Koons has a giant inflatable ballerina now exhibited at Rockefeller Center which tests just how stupid and blind the art world really is. Isn’t it splendidly insipid?: Jesus F’ing Christ kabob on a skewer, pardon my profanity, and no offense to Christians intended! It’s as if the artist is so secluded from reality in his […]
  97. Basquiat’s Lost Portrait of Warhol Poised to Fetch $150,000,000. (5/21/2017) - Just days after Jean-Michel Basquiat’s skull painting of 1982 broke auction records for an American painter by selling for $110,000,000 at Sotheby’s, a new Basquiat treasure has surfaced and underground online bidding on the dark web has already eclipsed the sixty million threshold. The painting in question has been heralded as the discovery of a […]
  98. Found a Mantis (5/20/2017) - Always been a fan of the mantids, though, admittedly, they are about the most callous hunters there are, eating their victims alive, one chunk of flesh at a time. And yet they are so elegant. and seemingly the most intelligent of insects. This one was at the bottom of the stairs, indoors. Not a good […]
  99. Work in Progress (5/19/2017) - Sooo, here’s your rare glimpse into my process. This is the most fun stage. Here I can just invent. I just look at it and get ideas. Things to notice. This one has custom fitted glasses. A humorous touch with a nod to comics. Among other things I’m trying to improve how I can suggest […]
  100. New Art: BB&F #1 (5/17/2017) - Here’s a new piece, and a possible beginning of a new series. I’ll have to see if I can manage another along these lines. Just a few things I’d want people to notice about this work for now, so people don’t steer completely off course. It’s at least part a parody, so don’t take anything […]

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