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  1. New Art: (#39) Alien with Helmet (8/18/2017) - This is a very different way of drawing from my last piece. This is deliniating form with line. This has a lot more rules, though I surely broke just as many. It’s body doesn’t quite make sense and it doesn’t need to. This is a drawing, not a design for an alien. The helmet works […]
  2. New Art: (#38) With Arachnids (8/17/2017) - As I finished up details on this image I was listening to news. And I’ve been trying to listen to news that I don’t agree with, in order to make sure I’m hearing both sides, or rather multiple sides of issues. And the more I do this the more clear it becomes that various groups […]
  3. Gerhardt Richter’s Crappy Digital Stripe Paintings (8/14/2017) - I’m a big fan of Richter, especially his squeegee abstractions done with oil paint, but his digitally created “Stripe Paintings” are trite, and a technique I figured out at least 15 years ago. When I saw them a few weeks ago for the first time, they reminded me of some early digital experiments I did, […]
  4. Nuclear Ugliness: Fire and Fury like the World Has Never Seen (8/11/2017) - I’ve been trying to not talk about politics. Both the ideologues on the right and the left drive me nuts, in which case there’s barely any wiggle room for sanity between those bookends. But Donald just took the cake, and I’d rather America were overrun with screeching SJW ideologues than Donald irradiate a population of […]
  5. 500 Posts on My Blog (8/10/2017) - I got a notification today from WordPress that I’ve posted 500 times. I wouldn’t have thought it was that much. I remember counting my art criticism articles at one point when there were 50. But of course this includes all my art posts as well. A lot of people come and go in the blogging […]
  6. New Art: (#37) Veil of Dreams (8/9/2017) - There are some barely visible images in there. You may even find  things in there that I don’t see. Here’s all 37 pieces in the series so far in a slide show. Or, if you prefer, you can see them in a click-through gallery: To see other posts about other pieces in this series, go […]
  7. New Art: (#37) Looking at Fire. (8/7/2017) - Notice the man looks like he’s carved out of wood and that if you look in the fire you will see things yourself. There’s an obvious scary head in there, for starters. Just wanted to mess around with a sort of charcoal-looking drawing technique, which brings me right back to my charcoal drawings from the […]
  8. Censorship for Good in Art and Politics (8/3/2017) - Apparently, we now live in a climate of dastardly deeds for noble causes. There are elaborate arguments to justify suppressing this or that person in the name of morality, and it is supposed that we will be sufficiently wooed or intimidated by these arguments to not notice the tactics themselves are sinister. If you pan […]
  9. Aliens, Monsters & Robots (8/3/2017) - Here are 39 aliens, monsters, and robots (and an android or mutant or two…). I don’t consider myself a sci-fi artist, but these are all sci-fi creatures with a fine art sort of treatment. You an watch the slide show or click in the gallery below it. I recommend watching the slide show through once! […]
  10. New Art: Alien Head (8/2/2017) - This is a sketch of an alien head for a new series I’m starting. I’m planning all aliens for the next few months. We’ll have to see if I stick with it. The series is unified around the topic, not the medium or style, so allows for stylistic variety. There’s a lot more to it […]
  11. The Risk of Increasing Diversity of Bodies but Uniformity of Minds in Art (8/1/2017) - [This is a reaction to an article that appeared in Artnet News.] I think most everyone would agree that we don’t want one monolithic vision or art, or for people to be excluded from art careers because their perspective, culture, or biology is being discriminated against. We don’t want to miss out on great art […]
  12. Radical Activists Demand The End of an Artist’s Career (7/27/2017) - I invite you to look at the image above and get an impression without knowing who made the painting, if you don’t already know. What does it say about the subject and the artist. I’ll credit the artist later, don’t worry. Synopsis. We should be alarmed, folks. Now, if you are an artist, it’s open […]
  13. Great Art by Famous Artists Lost, Destroyed, or Censored (7/25/2017) - Some of my favorite pieces by famous artists are unknown. These works have become, for me, like vivid dreams forgotten within seconds of awakening, or photo albums destroyed in a fire. Most are lost treasures which only now exist as JPEGS that people such as myself happen to have downloaded. Not only are these works […]
  14. Carl & Ana: Art, Suicide, Murder, Belief (7/22/2017) - Or, how Mathew Barney is guilty of the murder of Ana Mendieta. “Maya, Maya, these are not the same things, Maya. Sex criminals and Matthew Barney and O. J. Simpson and Carl Andre and the Prophets — these are not the same thing. But what I’m saying is that they’ve become the same thing to […]
  15. New Art: (#36) The Little Mermaid (7/20/2017) - In this image I just went about it by making lines in black and white and goring over them and seeing what emerged, but keeping in ambiguous and not trying to make it into anything concrete. The foreground and background shift, and there are overlapping and intersecting parts. If you look at it for a […]
  16. New Art: (#35) Untitled in B&W (7/14/2017) - The previous 4 pieces I did were digital impasto, and incorporating some 3D modeling.  For a little break I decided to do something only using drawing. For this kind of drawing, of which I’ve done several in this series, I just use one brush in Photoshop, and I switch between black and white. It allows […]
  17. What is Real in Art? (7/11/2017) - What is Real in Art: With a Revaluation of Brian Ashbee’s Infamous “Art Bollocks” So much of the art of the recent past can be seen as attempts to get away from mere images, and confront the viewer with the real… ~ Brian Ashbee, 1999. The real in art is the evidence of self-awareness, or […]
  18. New Art: (#34) Upon Death the Mutant Sees God. (7/11/2017) - This is a bit of a new direction I’m exploring in the last several pieces. It’s pushing my imagery from my usual digital impasto into full-on bas relief with digital impasto. This one started as a 3D model, which you would have seen if you follow me on Facebook. Here’s some early work on the […]
  19. Shitting on Michelangelo Makes YOU Great! (7/9/2017) - In the room the women come and go shitting on Michelangelo. Today’s offense comes from artnetnews, and is about a conceptual artist who figured out how to cut Michelangelo down to size, while elevating himself to mammoth proportions. The idea behind the conceptual artwork above is that status changes, and what was once grand is […]
  20. No Hands Art and De-Skilled Art! (7/8/2017) - Don’t you know about No Hands art and de-skilled art? … No cutting-edge artist touches materials anymore, or instruments. Be just a little patient and indulge me, in which case you’ll find out where that quote comes from soon enough, and what I think of it. I was recently on a vacation in Kampot from […]
  21. What is the Purpose of Visual Art? (7/6/2017) - The purpose of science is to explore the universe, make discoveries, and bring back evidence: and the purpose of visual art is to explore the visual imagination, make discoveries, and bring back evidence (visual evidence). Maybe a more goofy analogy would be more direct and memorable: You are the Captain of the Art-ship Enterprise, and […]
  22. Trip and Evidence I’m Human (7/4/2017) - When people read some of my more seemingly irascible rants written about a topic like the travesty to the visual imagination that is the 100th anniversary of the Holy Grail that is Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain”, and before the caffeine from my first sips of coffee have bathed my neurons, I wonder what sort of curmudgeon […]
  23. New Art: (#33) Death of an Android (6/20/2017) - Impasto liquid metal paint. Notice how some brush strokes carve into the Android head. If you don’t know my work, this is digital. This is a new direction I’m exploring, and you might expect some more offerings in a similar vein. The technique is something I’m developing on my own and can be a little […]
  24. New Art: (#32) Her Beautiful Alien Voice (6/12/2017) - I think this one speaks for itself. Just a note that I made the alien model myself, but it’s of course based on a famous 50’s alien, which I also used in this piece (below). While the above image is similar to a lot of my other work, I did a few things here and […]
  25. New Art: (#31) Experiment 02 in 2.5D (6/8/2017) - Another experiment with a new technique. If you don’t already know my work, this is digital. Here are a couple details. and closer   Here’s all 31 pieces in the series so far in a slideshow. Or, if you prefer, you can see them in a click-through gallery: To see other posts about other pieces […]
  26. Censoring and Burning Art in the Name of Progressive Morality (6/7/2017) - “In general it’s time for all us to shut up and listen.” ~ Jerry Salz “Fund the work of non-white artists and suppress their white counterparts, censor white productions, belittle the achievements of white people while celebrating non-white people” ~ Travis Webb “White supremacy lives and breathes within every single white person” ~ Naima Lowe […]
  27. The Strange Self-Defeating Psychology of Instagram (5/30/2017) - I only got on Instagram when my girlfriend got a new smart phone and I inherited her old one. If you don’t have a smart phone, you can’t use Instagram (there are workarounds, but it’s not for the PC). And after a year or so using the app, I find that it encourages a self-defeating […]
  28. New Art: (#30) Experiment in 2.5D (5/28/2017) - Notice that the brush strokes are 3D, not just as in embossing, but some are coming up off the canvas. I stumbled on a new technique and combined it with my digital impasto method to get this effect. It also incorporates my interest in imagery that is balanced between abstraction and figuration. This was an […]
  29. Koons’ Ballerina Plagiarist Buffoonery (5/25/2017) - Koons has a giant inflatable ballerina now exhibited at Rockefeller Center which tests just how stupid and blind the art world really is. Isn’t it splendidly insipid?: Jesus F’ing Christ kabob on a skewer, pardon my profanity, and no offense to Christians intended! It’s as if the artist is so secluded from reality in his […]
  30. Basquiat’s Lost Portrait of Warhol Poised to Fetch $150,000,000. (5/21/2017) - Just days after Jean-Michel Basquiat’s skull painting of 1982 broke auction records for an American painter by selling for $110,000,000 at  Sotheby’s, a new Basquiat treasure has surfaced and underground online bidding on the dark web has already eclipsed the sixty million threshold. The painting in question has been heralded as the discovery of a […]
  31. Found a Mantis (5/20/2017) - Always been a fan of the mantids, though, admittedly, they are about the most callous hunters there are, eating their victims alive, one chunk of flesh at a time. And yet they are so elegant. and seemingly the most intelligent of insects. This one was at the bottom of the stairs, indoors. Not a good […]
  32. Work in Progress (5/19/2017) - Sooo, here’s your rare glimpse into my process. This is the most fun stage. Here I can just invent. I just look at it and get ideas. Things to notice. This one has custom fitted glasses. A humorous touch with a nod to comics. Among other things I’m trying to improve how I can suggest […]
  33. New Art: BB&F #1 (5/17/2017) - Here’s a new piece, and a possible beginning of a new series. I’ll have to see if I can manage another along these lines. Just a few things I’d want people to notice about this work for now, so people don’t steer completely off course. It’s at least part a parody, so don’t take anything […]
  34. Mark Bradford: Political Action Painter? (5/13/2017) - I only discovered Mark Bradford in the last month or so, and what a discovery it was. His lush, elaborately textured, apparently non-representational but highly evocative paintings are sumptuous, a banquet for the eyes and mind. His paintings are suggestive of landscapes as seen from an airplane, maps, old chipped and  eroded walls which have […]
  35. Inextinguishable Originality: Refuting Rosalind Krauss. (5/8/2017) - It is accepted wisdom in the art world today that our species is no longer capable of originality. We’re washed up and have been for about a century. You’d think artists would rebel, like scientists who were told there’s nothing left to discover, and try to prove it wrong. However, to do so would be […]
  36. The Giant Hovering Orb Paintings of Masakatsu Sashie (5/4/2017) - The painting above typifies the work of Masakatsu Sashie. I read a bunch of articles to see what other people think of this work, but, ultimately there’s a danger in fixing an interpretation to it, in which case the art becomes an illustration of an idea, or worse, a useful prop or visual aid for […]
  37. New Art: (#29) Human Fly On The Loose (5/3/2017) - I was going for a rough, Expressionistic, sci-fi look here. I wanted to keep a bit of the frenetic energy of quickly drawn lines. I also deliberately left some things vague and a slightly unfinished look. I’m most interested in the mood, overall vision, and what the image suggests. I don’t want to get bogged […]
  38. Interview with Painter, Dean Reynolds (Part 1) (5/3/2017) - Dean Reynold’s surrealist, mythological, Jungian, paintings look like someone spiked my punch. The paintings of Dean Reynolds have a unique surrealist, spiritual, psychedelic flavor with a strangely familiar transcendent clarity. Those bears [above] with their singular eyes are saying something to me, but it can’t be put into words. Seeing is believing, but here not […]
  39. Morality, Politics, Vomit, and Art. (4/30/2017) - [Morning rant. As in I got up at noon because I stayed up ’til 5 working on art, and now I’m having my first cup of coffee and feel like unburdening my mind of some of the bullshit that’s accumulating on it from exposure to the art world.] I put “vomit” in the title so […]
  40. Duchamp killed Picasso, but only if you’re blind (4/28/2017) - [Morning rant. I’m writing this in one go, not editing, and I’m not putting pics in it. Update: I went back and edited it. So, now it just started as a rant.] I wrote a while ago about Duchamp Versus Picasso, and I am probably just repeating myself, but with just a bit more context […]
  41. New Art: (#28) 100 Lines Drawing (4/26/2017) - Originally I wasn’t going to include this piece in the series, partly because it was comparatively easy for me to produce, and partly because it was an experiment. But it’s grown on me, and while the execution was easy for me, the necessary background of knowing the software, having done lots of similar experiments, and […]
  42. New Art: (#27) The Boxer (4/25/2017) -   Here’s all 27 pieces in the series so far in a slideshow. Or, if you prefer, you can see them in a click-through gallery: To see other posts about other pieces in this series, go here. Thanks for checking out my art and my blog. And if you want to help me continue this […]
  43. New Art: (#26) The Fallen Astronaut (4/20/2017) - If you watched my video about the first 25 images in the series, you’d know that I promised this one was going to be different from all of those. This one combines several techniques I’ve developed over the years and in this series. Notice that it is balanced between opposites: figurative and abstraction; digital and […]
  44. Video for my New Series (4/17/2017) - Hi folks: There are really 2 videos. One is the 3 minute version, and the other is the 30 minute version. Both cover the first 25 images in the series, but the second (after repeating the first 3 minutes) delves a little deeper into each of the 25 images. That’s only really about a minute […]
  45. New Art: Octrui (Inspired by Matta) (4/14/2017) -
  46. New Art: (#25) Encepholopedia (4/9/2017) - This is #25. Time to do a new post about the series, and maybe a video. I’m sick of writing. Visual art is a way to get around the tyranny of words and meaning structured in language. ~ Eric
  47. Hirst’s new Mega-Show: Vacuous Baubles of, by, and for, the Morbidly Wealthy (4/7/2017) - If you prefer, you can watch the video version. Before we get started, I want you to look at just one of the 189 sculptures by Damien Hirst in his “Treasures From The Wreck of the Unbelievable”. This is a detail of just one of his Hydra and Kali sculptures. Looking at this image, what […]
  48. New Art: (#24) Missiles of Mercy (4/7/2017) - This one shows some abstract design elements and a bold composition. What it exactly is isn’t exactly specified. I’ve left it loose so there’s room for imagining and interpretation on the part of the viewer. Just a bit about the technique. Well, I get the impression lots of people are impressed by art that shows […]
  49. New Art: (#23) Death Walks Beside You (4/5/2017) - This is in the same style as my last two images, and a couple earlier B&W images in this series, which you can compare with below: I didn’t intend to do them in the same style, and two other distinct styles have also evolved with this series. These seem particularly moody, dark, elemental, subconscious, and […]
  50. New Art: (#22) In The Cave (4/4/2017) - This style evolved out of the last 3 B&W digital drawings I made. If you like it, you’re in luck, because I’m working on 3 at the same time, and this is the one I finished first. The other 2 should be along within a few days. Here I am trying to “see the unseen”, […]
  51. Should This Painting be Destroyed? (3/22/2017) - It turns out that this issue is too politically volatile to give perspective on.   I wanted to engage people in a discussion, and share some ideas I’ve thought a lot about, and which I thought were also a positive way forward. I didn’t intend to be in a war with extremists. I’m not interested in […]
  52. The Insectoid Figurative Gems of Roberto Matta (3/20/2017) - There are a batch of paintings in the rich and varied oeuvre of Roberto Matta which are among the best Surrealist paintings. These are part of his “social morphology” series created in the 40’s -50’s, and were a reaction to the horrors of World War II. What I find particularly striking about them, and which […]
  53. New Art: (#21) Interdimensional Transmission (3/20/2017) - This one is in some ways subtle, and yet in the same way screams, as in it’s a loud image. I don’t know what others will think of this, and you have to be in the right frame of mind to get it. I’ve left the imagery “indefinite” very deliberately so that it is very […]
  54. New Art: (#20) The Sculptor (3/12/2017) - The sculpture looks like a Picasso head. This one has dramatic lighting. The sculptor says, “I don’t make art to shock anyone else, I make it to shock myself”. ~ Eric
  55. New Art: (#19B) The Pool [Revised as Painting] (3/10/2017) - On your monitor this may looks very similar to the first version, but if you were able to zoom in they are very different. But first, here are the two finished pieces together. You can click in and then cycle through them:
  56. New Art: (#19) The Pool (3/8/2017) - Hi folks. I don’t know how many of you are following me on this sort of artistic journey. This is #19 in a series of relatively quick digital paintings/drawings, done unpremeditated (or without preconception, if you prefer), and experimenting with different formulas or recipes to create new imagery and styles, though there is a common […]
  57. New Art: (#18) Breach in the Bubble (3/6/2017) - This one is in exactly the same technique as the last one, below. And something that’s curious is how different these two are from another black and white image I did 10 pieces ago. Have a look at #8.
  58. New Art: (#17) The Kiss (3/4/2017) - I think this one has a lot of punch for just B&W. It’s worth clicking on to see it in a separate window, and just taking it in, noticing small details, perhaps while listen to music.
  59. New Art: (#16) Artist and Model (3/1/2017) - And the series continues with #16. It’s late, so I’m just going to say some of the things I like about this one. The artist’s canvas is a trapezoid. This was intentional, and part of the abstraction process in which a  thing is conveyed with detail and a quality of naturalism, while not being illustrational […]
  60. New Series: Imagine That (15 paintings so far) (2/25/2017) - Imagine That: Fear not. The series is not over. I couldn’t write about it until I’d done enough images, partly because to do otherwise would be like reviewing an album before it was cut, and also because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep it up. Decades ago I read a novel in which […]
  61. New Art: (#15) Hallucinating Dolphins (2/22/2017) - And that raps up the first leg of this series. While working on this I was thinking about the imagination, and how the images are a manifestation of the unmanifested. It’s a reaching into the bag of imagination, grasping onto something, and pulling it out to share. This sort of art would suffice as evidence […]
  62. New Art: (#14) The Sphynx (2/18/2017) - Yes, folks, I originally spelled “The Sphinx” wrong, looked it up, and preferred the wrong spelling. It’s just more cool to me spelled my way, and, you could say it reflects my alternative version. This is the 14th in this series, and if you don’t know, the parameters are that I work exclusively from the […]
  63. New Art: (#13) Spoke an Old Yellow Dog (2/15/2017) - Today I offer this odd painting with a Symbolist look about it. The title just came to me. The old yellow dog said something? I guess it did. This is weird art or weird art’s sake.
  64. New Art: (#12) Saucer Full of Secrets (2/13/2017) - With each new piece I try to do something a little different, and there are a few things about this one that are new to the series. First, this is the only one where I used my digital impasto technique. It seemed appropriate for another new thing, which is the under-water location. Another odd bit […]
  65. New Art: (#11) Man Is A Monster, SFB. (2/11/2017) - I’m pleasantly surprised I was able to pull this off, and by that I just mean reach a stage where there’s really nothing left to do. I think I won’t say anything about it. It seems so rife for possible interpretations, as were the last two. Anyone wanna’ take a crack at it? Don’t go […]
  66. New Art: (#10) Look What the Tide Washed Up (2/6/2017) - This one is in roughly the same style as #9, largely because I made them at the same time and would switch back and forth between them until it was time to knock one out. This may be my favorite of the styles I’ve used in this series so far, partly because it looks so […]
  67. New Art: (#9) Truth is Indifferent to the Seeker of Truth (2/5/2017) - This one is a bit unexpected. Since I always try to surprise myself – which is part of what keeps me going – I expect to come up with something I haven’t done before. This is completely unlike #8, which was completely unlike #7, at least in terms of technique. #7 was all lines, and […]
  68. New Art: (#8) In a Globe of Frogs, the Moth Unfurls its Moistened Wings (2/1/2017) - I didn’t think I was going to do a B&W one. I wanted them all in color. But then, it just came out so good in black and white, and as my girlfriend put it, “spooky”, that I didn’t think I could improve upon it by putting it in color. There’s something to be said […]
  69. Anti-Trump Art A bit too Obvious and Bandwagon (1/30/2017) - It’s a bit odd seeing the would-be avant-garde belaboring an orange piñata without a blindfold. There’s been a strange phenomenon in the art world of an assumption that all artists were, pre-election, unified in a pro-Hillary, anti-Trump position [as opposed to being, say, for Sanders, and then Jill Stein as the next best alternative], and […]
  70. New Art: (#7) Mechanical Man (1/30/2017) - Here’s the preliminary drawing I made. It’s super late for me. Well, 3:30 in the morning. I had to finish this before going to sleep to keep pace with my self-imposed productivity schedule, which is, one image for three days (and it used to be one per day but the images got harder). Speaking of […]
  71. 3 Preliminary Drawings, and a Practice Painting (1/28/2017) - Hi folks. I did a few preliminary drawings last night. I inverted them to see how they’d look white on black, and then worked on them in that mode. Different things come forward in the negative. Here I’m going for a more abstracted drawing. I’m thinking of making all of these into paintings to see […]
  72. New Art: (#6) The Wrath of Fish (1/27/2017) - Man (or woman), I gotta’ say – this one took it out of me. This one, I struggled with the color scheme, the composition, the subjects, and, well, everything. Some pieces just come together, but this one put up a fight, much like an oversized fish on the line. But, finally it seemed to gel. […]
  73. New Art : (#5) Martian and Homunculus (1/23/2017) - This is #5 in the series. Vote in the poll at the bottom to choose your favorite so far. Here are all 5 images, again: I’m curious to know which one people like best, so, let me know in the poll below. ~ Ends And if you like my art and art criticism, and would […]
  74. Art is Not Inherently Political! (1/22/2017) - A lot of people, and I mean really a lot of people, including my graduate school art instructors, firmly believe that art is a vehicle for political and social change, and that is its primary and highest purpose.
  75. Which Sketch Would You Like To Be a Painting? (1/21/2017) - Dear reader. My next digital painting in my new series will be based on one of these sketches. So few people, if any at all, are likely to comment on this (I’m so overwhelmingly popular at this point) that your opinion, should you choose to express it, could have some influence on which I choose. […]
  76. Art Vlog #3: New Piece & Live Sketch (1/20/2017) - All about my newest piece, the series, and shows the first 5 minutes of the process.
  77. New Art: (#4) Watchers of the Sky (1/20/2017) - Hey folks. Here’s my latest, and #4 in the series. This one took a bit longer, possibly because I think I branched out into some new territory, maybe crossed a creak or two, did some rock hopping, and assayed a new vista.
  78. Art Vlog 002 (1/19/2017) - This vlog explores a work in progress, showing the various layers, such as the drawing layer over the color layers. I also discuss a claim mace by the editor of Hyperallergic (a very popular online art magazine) that art is not transcendent and never has been. Apparently art is about resisting power on your own […]
  79. Art Vlog 001 (1/18/2017) - I’ve made videos before, but this is more in a “vlog” style, which for me means it’s unscripted, and one go. In this first one I talk about my new series (so far), and doing practice paintings.
  80. New Art: (#3) “In Mortal Space Combat” (1/17/2017) - For those that like sci-fi, psychedelic, surrealist, expressionist, paintings.
  81. Warm-up Practice Painting (1/16/2017) - Is an artists ever finished learning at which point he can just rest of his laurels? Another blogger wrote something about how Van Gogh was trying to get a hold of some plaster casts of people to practice drawing from shortly before he died, because he wanted to improve his rendering of anatomy, or form, […]
  82. New Art: (#2) Monster In Hot Pursuit (1/15/2017) -
  83. New Art: (#1) Down By The River (1/14/2017) - I started doing an experiment today. It’s kind of working in a more efficient way.
  84. New Video: Andy Foresaw Everything (1/12/2017) - This is a video to accompany my latest digital art piece.
  85. New Art: Andy foresaw it all. (1/12/2017) - The title is a double entendre: Andy predicted Trump’s presidency, and he was part of a group of ideas that partially paved the way for it. This started as a quick graphic for an article I’m working on about Andy and Donald, celebrity, and the notion that making money is art. You can imagine I […]
  86. “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” Not so fast. (1/6/2017) - “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” What does this maxim mean? Why do people like to repeat it now? Something smells fishy. People seem to think this is about taking shortcuts, but it’s nearly the antithesis.
  87. New Art: CEOTTK (1/1/2017) - Sometimes I like to work directly from the imagination, and without premeditation. In my early days, I used to work primarily this way. It’s a fun way to work in that you never know what’s going to happen, but it’s inefficient in that it involves lots of changes and reworking, and no direct plan. The opposite […]
  88. Peculiar in Penang (12/23/2016) - After more than a decade living and traveling in S.E. Asia, I finally ventured to Penang, and what a discovery it was. My observations of the more special aspects of Penang are based as much on my brief visit as on my experience of other Asian countries: China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Hong Kong, and […]
  89. “Van Gogh Self-Portrait With Cut Ear”: Background and details. (12/11/2016) -
  90. “Missing Partial Ear Self-Portrait of Van Gogh” (12/7/2016) -   Making its first public appearance: “Missing Partial Ear Self-Portrait of Van Gogh: Hommage à Van Gogh”.
  91. Fake News about Fake News (11/26/2016) - “Experts” say that the Russians threw the election to Trump by spreading fake news through hundreds of fake news sites. And this itself isn’t supposed to stink of propaganda?!
  92. The Sad Racist Specter of Richard Spencer (11/23/2016) - Apparently the Trump ascendancy has emboldened the likes of Richard Spencer to preach white supremacy so thinly veiled it’s a light glaze.
  93. New Art: Awakening of AI (11/4/2016) -
  94. A few works in progress (10/26/2016) - One of these I already posted as finished, but I had a codicil that as I developed my skills in new areas, I’d go back and tinker with it. I also wanted to work on a series, in order to have a better chance of getting ANY recognition from the art world, but, I find […]
  95. Trump Caricature (10/23/2016) - To me the defining characteristic about trump is the front lock of hair, which is like the bill of a baseball cap. Sometimes I do caricatures, and when I do the object is to reduce the subject to the minimum number of marks while suggesting the personality. I know, I know, I’m really late to […]
  96. Tyler Scully’s Expressionist Trump Paintings (10/21/2016) - Tyler Scully’s rich, impasto, Expressionist paintings are an oasis for lovers of contemporary figurative painting in the tradition of Bacon and Auerbach. I discovered Scully on Instagram under the account scepters_art about a half year ago. When I look at art, my opinion comes first. I like the art that I like. Sounds like a […]
  97. Do we live in a simulated universe, Part 2: Rejoinder to Nick Bostrom. (10/10/2016) - Someone pointed out to me on a philosophy list that I hadn’t read the original article that postulates the theory that we are living in a simulated universe. He was right. I was responding to the BBC’s synopsis of the article and predominantly other stances, such as Elon Musk’s. How to deal with it. Admit […]
  98. Do we live in a simulated universe? Yes, but not one created by aliens. (10/9/2016) - You may have heard the new quandary being shared over the internet about whether we are inside some sort of computer simulation. This may be the ultimate “first world problem”. If you are capable of convincing yourself that you don’t live in reality, you have quite possibly attained a level of privilege in which you […]
  99. WIP: alien body for “Aliens & Spaceships #2” (10/6/2016) - This is taking me longer than I indented, but I’m enjoying it. It’s a nice challenge, making up my own aliens and spaceship, and for this one in the series, based on H.G. Wells classic, “War of the Worlds” and also the two movies made. I’ve read the story, listened to the radio play (that […]
  100. Work in Progress: Aliens and Spaceships #2, War of the Worlds (10/3/2016) - At this stage I’m still working on the design. The composition is somewhat what it will be, but the aliens and spaceship are on different layers, will be arranged and sized optimally, and  obviously I haven’t tackled the background yet.

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