Droid-ships over Downtown Los Angeles, by Eric Wayne [9/12-2021]

This image may look familiar. It’s a more elaborate version of an experiment I started 10 days ago. See below:

In the newer version I added 4 more droid ships, clouds, mist, made the waves more apparent, tweaked out the lighting, and did some post-production in Photoshop. Now it’s less a rogue scout ship, and more of an invasion.

Above, you can see the sculpts and modeling. I managed to get the city-scape (which I snagged from Google Maps using a hack, a program, and an add-on] to look much more like a photo than a model. Below you can see a blend with and without added texture, lighting, etc.

And here’s a close-up on Photoshop at actual-pixels.

And here’s the full picture again:

If I don’t just take if for granted — vicariously, because I know better — that the computer can do anything and everything, it’s kind of amazing that this art is 100% math and pixels. No part of it is a photo, and there’s nothing physical. It’s a bit more cinematic than I’d ever really imagined myself working.

For my next, uh, exciting act, I’m planning to put some of these droids over a freeway system. I think I’ll also change the material from black to white. When I first open the file, and Blender is updating the textures, it shows the droids as white (default minus textures] and I rather like the way it looks.

~ Ends

2 replies on “New Art: Droid-ships over Downtown Los Angeles

    1. That’s probably the depth of field with the camera. Like I said in the post, it’s amazing what imagery can be created with just the underpinning of math and pixels. And I’ve said this before, too — I’m good at repeating myself, and redundancy in general — but, working with Blender is making virtual reality your canvas. I fear, though, that soon enough people will just be able to create whatever digital art they want just by using voice commands.

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