Alien Monster Messiah #1, by Eric Wayne, 20″x30″ @300 dpi., 10/2018 [Click to see in a new tab sized for your screen.]
This might seem an unexpected departure from my self-portrait series (I’m taking a break from it), unless you already know me or my blog, in which case you might think, “Here we go again!”. I’ll grandfather in (not sure if that’s the right term here, but you get the idea) several pieces that fit nicely in this category. In fact, I started the series, did one piece specifically, and then had to abort the series when attempting my ill-fated move back to the States. Incidentally, I’m back in Asia, so that didn’t turn out so well. Here’s that piece, in B&W and color.


I don’t think the color one added much, and prefer the B&W.

There are more, such as:


This one deserves a close-up:

andThere’s this one in progress (not the most recent version):

And this one in progress (also not the most recent version):

Even this one from more than a decade ago, which was my first significant digital art creation:

I have an old physical drawing I did more than a decade ago:

This is a theme I’ve been working on for a very long time, and if you do a Google image search for either “alien messiah” or “monster messiah” you will find some of these images, and more pieces by me than any other artist. There isn’t anyone else who appears to have taken this topic seriously.

If you look up “alien monster messiah” there are zero direct hits, until Google updates to include this post.

I plan to use some digital sculpting, such as in this piece:

or this one:

There’s one in progress:

I have a lot of ideas, and different methods and approaches I can use to come up with novel aliens, or do variations on existing ones.

Yeah, I know some of these are a bit rough, and I don’t just mean the ones in progress. I was often working at the edge of my skill range and attempting to realize things I didn’t know how to do, proceeding by trial and error.  I won’t include them in the more official series unless I can clean them up. I’m more concerned with work to be.

I think this series has some potential — because of its sensationalist content, and high demands on imagination and technical skill — to get me an ounce of recognition if I take the pieces to a fairly high level of refinement in a concerted effort.

I already have a head start. Right now there’s only the one piece in the series, and it’s a sort of warm up, done without premeditation, references, sketches, etc., with one brush in Photoshop.

[I know I didn’t talk about the content. That can wait.]

~ Ends

One thought on “New Art, New Series: Alien Monster Messiah #1

  1. I think you’ve done a good job with the first one (that charcoal piece). When I first saw you work in that medium, I didn’t take to it, although it was different. Maybe it’s grown on me, or maybe you’re refining the technique, or maybe both, but it’s working.

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