“Arrival” by Eric Wayne. 2/2016. Digital drawing: 24X24″ at 300 dpi.

This one came about rather unexpectedly, as I hadn’t intended on doing anything along these lines stylistically. My imagination likes to surprise me, and I’m always looking to be surprised, so, er, it’s no surprise when that happens.

I think this may be more accessible than most of my work because the drawing element is obvious. When I look at other people’s digital art, sometimes it’s not clear at all what part was their contribution, what they’d appropriated as source material, and what the computer did for them. I say there are no shortcuts in art, and if you think you have one, you are just shortchanging your audience. So, in my case, it’s always my hard work and a certain amount of necessary skill that is behind the work, and the computer is just a vehicle (ex., using a drawing tablet instead of a pencil). Here, anyone who has an appreciation for black and white drawings can get this, and also have some idea how it was done.

This one’s mostly just drawing with black or white and a couple brushes in PS. Of course I’ll experiment with some of the typical editing techniques, which is a real advantage over doing this sort of thing analog.

I made it square for Instagram. Yup, Instagram is subtly affecting the way I’m making images. For Instagram the overall image is much more important than the details, and it should have some appeal that’s instantly apparent. Working in a square format insures a composition that is satisfying square.

The imagery is a bit mesmerizing if you look at it for any length of time. You can sucked into that big eye, or the little one below it. In fact you can use it as a mandala. I tried. It looks like another dimension because of the veins and weird material and 3D effects. It’s a sort of vision of an “arrival” or awakening in another spiritual dimension: something akin to when Neo wakes up from the Matrix.

I have another one in progress along these same lines. It’s coming out unexpectedly.

Stay tuned.

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One thought on “New Art: Arrival

  1. This turned out really great. And I liked what you said about not knowing in digital art what was done by the artist and what was done by the computer…so true. I wish more could see how original you are!

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