Prints of my original fine art digital paintings are now available.

I’m using INPRNT as my printing service for several solid reasons.

  • Prices are fixed, fair, and a bargain.
  • They use archival papers and inks.
  • Creators keep half the profits.
  • Artists have to be approved.

The interface is streamlined. It looks like this:

Above are standard costs for prints, though there might be slight variation depending on the proportions and size of the image in question. You can also get cards, or prints on canvas.

I’m gradually adding more pieces to my store, but you can request any piece I’ve created, and I’ll try to include it.

Visit The Store:

And if you are wondering why someone can’t just copy-paste the same image off my blog and print it, it’s because the quality of the version for the web is inferior. What you see online is a miniaturized and low-rez copy. A print has inifinitely more clarity and detail.

For example, in the following section of one of my digital paintings the red arrow points to a small a selection including a finger tip.

showing-where-the-finger-isBelow you can see that same selection at actual pixels on the left, and on the right what you’d get if you just blew up the low-rez, online version.


Anyone can take images of my site, but you can’t make quality prints from them. Only I have the full-sized files.