I’ve worked in a lot of styles over the years, and invented several. I have not made a concerted effort to develop one style, preferring to explore a full range of possibilities. Consequently, some people think I don’t have a style of my own. Here are 52 images which share that they are created 100% from my imagination. All are figurative digital drawings or paintings done by hand using a stylus and tablet, and using no AI, or digital modeling. You could say my content is dark surrealism, sci-fi, psychedelic, expressionism. I have a lot of indebtedness to fine art traditions dating to the old masters, including painterliness [ex., my custom digital impasto techniques].

Early physical work by me uses the same approach, which is why I choose it to represent my core signature style: Early Work

Of course, I have hundreds of pieces in modestly broader categories, such as incorporating digital sculpting, references, even AI; physical pieces; and other works in completely distinct styles and approaches. Note that some of my strongest pieces are not in this style, and a collection of my top 52 pieces would feature a different lineup, with significant overlap.