Each entry in my Top 25 will have:

  • a descriptive paragraph.
  • a sentence or two about why I chose it.
  • one or more close-up details.
  • a link to my original post about the work.
  • thumbnail gallery with all artworks included so far.
  • prints for sale.
  • Links for all previous entries.
  • a poll for picking your favorite.

#24: Seafood Spaghetti Sunday

Seafood Spaghetti Sunday, digital painging, 30″ x 40″ @ 300 dpi, 2013. [Click to see sized for your screen.]
A frenzied crustacean monster devours a meal of spaghetti with a glass of milk in an abstracted, psychedelic, expressionist, impasto style.

Why I chose it:

The technique and the imagery are unusual, and I’m not likely to use that combo again. My favorite part is the spaghetti because of the overlapping impasto noodles, which you’ll see in the details.


The original post

The original post has more details, influences (Bacon and Picasso…), and even a cool video.


Prints are gallery-quality giclée art prints on 100% cotton rag archival paper, printed with archival inks. Very reasonable pricing starting at $15.

Gallery with all entries so far:

Prior Entries

#25 EUOF


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3 replies on “25 of my Best Images: #24 – Seafood Spaghetti Sunday

    1. Thanks. It’s one of my earlier pieces when I was just getting back into making art seriously. I’m partial to my older work that I’ve lived with longer.

      Glad you like it!


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