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Aliens, Monsters & Robots

Here are 39 aliens, monsters, and robots (and an android or mutant or two…). I don’t consider myself a sci-fi artist, but these are all sci-fi creatures with a fine art sort of treatment. You an watch the slide show or click in the gallery below it. I recommend watching the slide show through once!…

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A few works in progress

One of these I already posted as finished, but I had a codicil that as I developed my skills in new areas, I’d go back and tinker with it. I also wanted to work on a series, in order to have a better chance of getting ANY recognition from the art world, but, I find…

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Sci-Fi Fine Art So Far

Here’s a gallery of my recent art that is about science fiction directly, influenced by it, or I think would appeal to people who like it. Click on any of the images to go into the gallery. [You can see the same images at the bottom, where you can click on them for full screen…

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