Eric Kuns, “Help, I’m a rock!” [Digital image, 2012]
Humorous art by me (sort of an existential-angst-karma joke.). The idea comes from song lyrics by, “The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Ensemble Band.” I’ve just been going around saying, “Help! I’m a rock!” a lot. It kinda’ got in my head and I thought about how it would suck to be a rock, and no one could hear one’s pleas.

Addendum: Turns out I’ve been listening to a cover version from 1967, and the original is from Zappa, in 1966. Having heard the cover first, it did its imprinting, and it’s my preferred version.

You can also get a print (I’m just sayin’)


Here’s the version by “The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Ensemble Band.”

2 replies on “Help, I’m a rock!

  1. This is from Frank Zappa And The Mother’s Of Invention’s song Help I’m A Rock I still have the album. I’m glad you found and gave the appropriate nod to Zappa. I’ve seen so much of the past ripped off by artists who only care about themselves and have no use for the past except to steal from it. I admire your work.


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