Think I’m gonna’ go for blue skin with pink details, yellow-orange irises, and a dark red/purple ball of the eye. It’s a bit saturated right now, but after I add modeling, lighting, shading, and texture, it should be pretty cool. The gif animation has nothing to do with it. It’s just a snappy way of showing the drawing and color version together. In the end it should be quite realistic.

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9 replies on “WIP: Adding local color

  1. Looking good. Nice contrast: Beauty and ugly—big wide set eyes and tiny chin vs. leafy nose and what ever it is that’s growing out of her ears. When you apply all the digital trickery to her, it’ll be another paradox, an entertaining mix of impossible and real.
    “The imaginary is what tends to become real.”—André Breton, but, isn’t good to keep some brush strokes? “In sharp contrasts to traditional art, modern art does not hide the fact that it is something made and produced: on the contrary, it underscores the fact.” —Theodor Adorno

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    1. Thanks, Howard. Painterly qualities come later. At this stage it’s pure illustration. It’s kinda’ weird for me to not add any shading at all yet, but it allows one to establish “local colors”. This is an exercise, and I’m practicing techniques I learned through online digital painting courses. Just trying to improve my skills.


  2. I like it without shading. The bright colors beautifully define the head structure as is, m7ch like when you see a brightly colored bird, butterfly, nudibranch, reef fish or reptile~~ their coloration is so intense it defies shadow.

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    1. I prefer it as well if they were finished pieces. But they’re preliminary stages, and it’s a bit like comparing a finished cartoon to a painting barely begun. This one is an exercise in practicing realism. The goal is to hone my lighting, shading, and detailing skills, not to make a finished artwork, though I should end up with something respectable. But, yeah, I agree with you at this point.

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