Fish & Plant Pots

A little something different today. One of my hobbies when I’m more settled is keeping fish and plants. Plants I’m not so good at, and I am perpetually overwatering or underwatering them, and when they start to suffer and I look up what’s wrong with them, it’s always that I’m over or under watering: one…

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WIP: Adding local color

Think I’m gonna’ go for blue skin with pink details, yellow-orange irises, and a dark red/purple ball of the eye. It’s a bit saturated right now, but after I add modeling, lighting, shading, and texture, it should be pretty cool. The gif animation has nothing to do with it. It’s just a snappy way of…

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Runaway Rant: Is Facebook/Instagram Going Too Far With Censorship?

If you can’t beat ’em. Ban ’em! While Facebook and Instagram ostensibly banned “far right extremists”, banning people one doesn’t agree with itself resembles a “far right extremist” tactic. Banishing the opposition grates against my more progressive sensibility. Censorship is a tool historically associated with abuse of power, silencing dissent, and squashing the underdog. The…

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Loud Alien Noize did a feature on my Selfies From Alternate Universes series. Click on the pic or the link to check it out, and he’s got lots of other fascinating content about art, music, film, and culture.

Seriously folks, the public reaction to this series has been somewhere between milquetoast and viscous (and stupid) attacks. But, uh, Tobe Damit at Loud Alien Noise and a few other people whose opinions matter to me really dig it. Perhaps more people will catch on over time, and I should do more of these.

Selfies from Alternate Universes ”All of these digital paintings are based on my humble visage” says Eric Wayne. I been keeping an eye on him and when I saw the first samples of the ”Selfish-Selfies” as he had already called them, I knew he was onto something. Finally someone had found a way to make […]

via Eric Wayne — Loud Alien Noize

Note: I don’t recall every using the phrase “selfish selfies”, ’cause that has a rather negative connotation. Though I might have said “self-ish” (as in self-ish portraits, because they are not exactly self-portraits) which has a very different meaning.

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