The droid-ship is back. You might remember it from months back. I spent forever creating it, and put it in a few short animations, but never really did a definitive image or two or three to show it off. These aren’t that either, necessarily, as they are more studies or experiments. I didn’t pose his legs, or, uh, flippers, or turrets or any of that. Didn’t tweak it out in Photoshop at all. But he’s looking pretty good.

Early version of the droid-ship. That’s not a stand, it’s his apparatus for attaching himself to larger vessels in order to use his tools and weapons to destroy them. He’s kind of a gremlin in that regard.

He’s got legs and a distendable (yes, WordPress dictionary, it’s a real word. Goddamn!] suction cup thing that all fold up underneath.

In my last post I was experimenting with combining Google maps and Blender to create landscapes. I made a rendition of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris:

Then I wanted to use something more modern, and decided upon Los Angeles, which is my birthplace. In this case, I wanted to make it a little more complex and put something in it to give it the appearance of larger scale, so it didn’t look like a miniature, like Notre-Dame does.

In goes the droid-ship.

I tried more than a dozen different angles and lighting situations, etc. I tended toward this general view, with a smoggy look so appropriate for the L.A. of my childhood memories.

I spent so long on it (well, over the course of a day) that Los Angeles flooded, and some of the buildings were submerged under the ocean.

I want to hammer out a “concept art” tutorial that might give me a few ideas or techniques I can throw in, and then I’ll attempt using one of those super elaborate Los Angeles freeway interchanges with the droid, with or without the sea enveloping it. I may try breaking apart the mesh of the freeways so they are crumbling, possibly put more than one droid-ship in, so it’s more apparent the city-scape isn’t just a photo in the background.

Close-up in PS:

Click for full-sized view.

And here’s one of the droid animations, if you missed it.

Don’t touch that dial!

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5 replies on “Droid Ship Spotted Over Los Angeles

    1. Yeah, Notre-Dame looks like part of a train set. And then I went out on one of my walks yesterday and the whole world looked miniature. But, it has to do with camera angles, which lens is used, and so on. If you are looking down at something it appears smaller, for one. Anyway, I agree with you. Notre-Dame looks like a miniature, it’s cute, and it makes you kinda’ want to play with it.

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      1. One time I was going on a bus ride through rural Java, and we kept passing through all these little villages that had cottages with different variations on the porch, back porch/kitchen, etc., and I thought they would make a great set of those little resin miniatures. You could have just infinite variety. You could add streams, etc. I don’t know, maybe nobody likes those little miniatures but me. I don’t collect ’em, cause they collect dust, but I love ’em.

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