I’ve worked in a lot of styles over the years, and invented several. I have not made a concerted effort to develop one style, preferring to explore a full range of possibilities. Consequently, some people think I don’t have a style of my own. Here are 52 images which share that they are created 100% from my imagination. All are figurative digital drawings or paintings done by hand using a stylus and tablet, and using no AI, or digital modeling. You could say my content is dark surrealism, sci-fi, psychedelic, expressionism. I have a lot of indebtedness to fine art traditions dating to the old masters, including painterliness [ex., my custom digital impasto techniques].

Early physical work by me uses the same approach, which is why I choose it to represent my core signature style: Early Work

Of course, I have hundreds of pieces in modestly broader categories, such as incorporating digital sculpting, references, even AI; physical pieces; and other works in completely distinct styles and approaches. Note that some of my strongest pieces are not in this style, and a collection of my top 52 pieces would feature a different lineup, with significant overlap.

8 replies on “Signature Style

  1. I think to have no style at all is the best way to go. Seeking to create a style, somehow feels limiting and ego driven. Not confined by a style is to be liberated and will allow you to grow beyond what you would normally believe your boundaries to be.

    If this sounds like something Bruce Lee would have said, it’s based on his philosophy.

    I really dig your work; it’s inspiring surrealism is incredible. Thank you for sharing ㋛

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    1. I’m definitely with you on that — I made a video about working in multiple styles — and I put this collection together because of the resistance I get for NOT working in a signature style. I even get criticized with people assuming that I have not matured enough artistically, or lack a center in myself. This proves that inanity false.

      That said, I realize that my body of work has become sprawling and very difficult to approach or process. In that case I am planning a definitive series so there’s something concrete for people to visually associate me with.

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      1. Nothing wrong with that 🙂

        I will amend my previous comment with this… Having a style is a necessity in sequential art for sure. My lack of a style makes it very difficult for me to do any comic type work. Being experimental makes me really happy though ^_^

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  2. There’s so much energy in these – life! The ones with color are luscious, the ones in black and white read color to me, simply bec you seem to use black and white with the respect they deserve as a color-team – not just a non-color choice. ⬅️I realize that sentence probably makes no sense but I don’t know a better way to assemble it. 🤷🏻‍♀️ And WOW it’s wonderful to see imagination and exploration! A remarkable collection! 👏👏♥️👏👏

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    1. Thanks for looking and for your comments, Robin. Also for the one on Twitter. I detest Twitter, shhhhhhhh. I think I’m still shadow-banned from way back, either that or nobody is the slightest bit interested in anything I have to offer. As for the story aspect. Most these were unpremeditated, and then I guess stories just emerge in the making. I like to do figurative art because I find it’s an added challenge, and then if you’re doing something from the imagination you aren’t going to do a bowl or fruit or something very conventional, in which case a story is almost inevitable.

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      1. Re the stories: For me, they’re ideas/ possibilities that form in my imagination when I see the work someone else has done. The artist may or may not have a “story” in mind while creating. Either way it’s the stories that my mind produces that make the creation special to me. I guess that’s selfish, certainly self-centered, but there it is. Illustrations make me a little nervous bec the story’s baked in and we’re all supposed to get that. And – wow! – bowls of fruit? I appreciate the skill, etc., but looking at them is like watching supermarket ads on TV…well, unless there’s a clawed hand reaching up through the shadows behind the fruit 😂.
        Still shadow-banned? Those fiends. Sorry to hear that. I deleted all my old “advertising” accounts, kept just one for emergencies. I rarely use it, hate going there.🥰

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