Video queued to my segment

The video showcases several of my best pieces.

“Blind Dweller” has an interesting YouTube art channel, mostly focusing on the darker side of visual art. There are lots of YouTube art channels these days regurgitating the dominant narrative of art, including ones now cropping up that use AI to generate the text and a computer voice to narrate, but Blind Dweller has his own unique, informed, and interesting perspective.

He has a very ambitious 3-hour documentary that he put together about Francis Bacon. He’s got videos about Goya, Giger, Beksinski, and Munch, among other famous artists, but also videos about lesser-knowns, including artists nobody has heard of.

And that’s where I come into the picture. My segment comes in at about 12 minutes and 30 seconds. If you click on the video, it’s already queued up, though watching the whole thing is also rewarding.

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