Davide Icke helping spread the virus. Graphic by yours truly.

“There is no covid-19” ~ David Icke

These days we all have to deal with conspiracy wackos, some merely eccentric, and then there’s the ones that call you “sheeple”, tell you that you “believe everything your government tells you”, and “you don’t know the truth”. We learn to avoid certain topics: the shape of the Earth, climate change, vaccines, chem trails, 9/11, and now the coronavirus. Most of us can get onboard with their suspicion that what we are being spoon-fed by the media and the government is much more what is in their own self-interest for us to believe than what is objectively true. We can see that very clearly in the case of China, where millions of people now believe that the American military planted the virus in Wuhan. The Chinese Communist Party hires millions of people as internet trolls, who infiltrate forums and chat rooms, spread propaganda, and trounce on anyone who dares articulate some other perspective. Nobody believes their current stats of little or no new cases of the virus.

But if we can’t trust the media or our politicians, that doesn’t mean we should run to our nearest conspiracy guru and prostrate ourselves at his feet, before becoming devotees who then feel a moral obligation to go spread the word of our new found wisdom. How many people are out there doing imitations of David Icke’s rants before their trapped coworkers and family members?

I support his free speech just as I did with Alex Jones when he was silenced. But at this particular junction, the wingnut conspiracy theory Icke and his ditto heads are belching isn’t just condescending and annoying as all hell, it’s dangerous.

I listened to his complete interview on London Real — the one that was removed from YouTube — and while I don’t agree with YouTube taking it down (or slapping their WHO banners under every video about coronavirus for that matter), I think it’s dangerously bad thought that needs to be eviscerated.

Icke’s Theory

Everyone needs to know, according to Icke, that the world is controlled by a cult of rich and powerful global elite who are without compassion, and plot to instill a tyranny that would have George Orwell spinning in his grave as if on a rotisserie.  He likes to say, “I’ve been writing about this for 30 years,” but has taken to leaving out that for much of that time the elite were, “shape-shifting, inter-dimensional, reptile aliens”. While this does not appear to be a part of his current argument, it is worth noting that he seriously maintained this position in published books.

“This world is controlled by reptilian entities that occupy human form. If we could see beyond the limitations of our five senses, we would see George Bush the father, and George Bush the son, as reptilian entities.” ~ David Icke

I’d heard of Icke more than a decade ago, when a coworker insisted I read one of his books. I got through several chapters in which he laid out some plausible claims. The government was doing secret experiments — scientific, psychological, pharmacological, and biological — a lot of which is true. But when I got to the chapter where the Bush family were aliens, I told my friend I had a better explanation: “George W. Bush is an asshole”.

I’m guessing the reptile-aliens were too rich for all but the most credulous consumer of conspiracy literature, so Icke reeled it in a bit. Either way, there’s still a cabal of evil individuals hell bent on crushing the rest of us into doormats. Thus, they faked climate change, and now the SARS-CoV-2 virus (note that covid-19 is the disease, not the virus) in order to panic the public into accepting ever more draconian measures to curtail our freedom. Significantly, for Icke, governments are doing precisely what he’s always predicted they’d do, here in response to a pandemic, in order to implement their plan of world domination!

He finds more evidence in elites like Bill Gates having prior knowledge of a pandemic, and even orchestrating tyrannical measures to unroll in response. In other words, they planned it.

If you wanna’ understand the world, find out where we’re being taken, what the goal is, and then the world just opens up. Oh, so that’s why they’re doing that. Oh, so that’s why that’s happening. Instead of, What’s happening?! What’s happening?! What are they doing that for? It’s becomes so clear. And then what you do is you take control of your perceptions.”

The way Icke — who attended Whitehall Infant School, and completed his formal education at the Whitehall Junior School — thinks is to start with a conclusion, and then cherry-pick evidence to support it. If one believes an evil, elite cult of reptile aliens people are trying to overtake the world, and “there are no coincidences”, than it makes sense that Bill Gates and crew were scheming how to overthrow the West, and crush democracy, in the period of a pandemic.

OR, for people who objectively look at all the evidence before coming to a conclusion, there’s another more plausible explanation. Science has predicted viruses would jump the species barrier and start another pandemic for generations. I saw a documentary on this at least 8 years ago. They always like to say that it’s not a matter of “if” but of “when”. Viruses mutate continually, and eventually one would evolve that would infect humans again. Intelligent and educated people were naturally concerned about this and tried to plan for what to do should it occur, or rather when it would occur, and how to prevent it.

When it comes to logic and evidence, Icke always puts the cart before the horse. He has written that the elite cult will abolish physical currency, and thus when leaders advised people not to handle money, because it could be contaminated with the virus, he concluded that the virus was a ploy to eliminate bills and coins. CONNECT THE DOTS SHEEPLE! Or, people handle money, the virus can live on surfaces for hours or days, and it’s a possible route of transmission, so one has to be aware when handling it.

Icke has refused to give his boys any vaccines, and touts their exceptional health and powerful immune systems. The eagerly awaited covid-19 vaccine, he believes, will be the perfect route to inject the entirety of humanity (with the probable exception of the elite cult themselves) with a drug that will, in one way or another, weaken us so that we can more easily be managed. What could be more fascistic, he asks, than forcing everyone to put something in their bodies?! OR, scientists are racing to create a vaccine in order to save lives and avert disaster.

“In that vaccine will be nanotechnology micro-chips, so that we basically become nothing more than computer terminals. That’s the idea.” ~ David Icke.

And there you have it. Once you know that the goal is to reduce the human population to slave automatons, you can clearly see that the reason there’s a virus is just so they can give us a jab with microchips in it. It all makes perfect sense! And, of course, all the scientists working on vaccines are in on it, as are the doctors, if not the nurses. And even if the doctors and nurses are dying because they are on the front lines of fighting the virus, they are doing this because they are in cahoots with the evil cult that runs the world. Got it!

Icke has also postulated that the illnesses we are seeing are caused by 5G (significantly, even in countries that don’t have 5G), but that wasn’t in this interview.

But let’s get back to micro-chips in the vaccine. And how the hell does that work to control your mind?! We have to believe we already have this technology, in which micro-chips in the bloodstream can control your thoughts and behavior.

Why this conspiracy crap is now dangerous, and not just stupid

Back on February 9th (over two months ago) I wrote an article titled Runaway Rant: Dumb Stuff People Are Saying About the Novel Coronavirus. Here’s a quote:

#3. You needn’t bother with masks.

People say this because the virus can pass through the mask, if it’s your garden variety face mask you get at the supermarket. This is also true of the common cold. Wearing a mask can’t protect you from inhaling minuscule viruses. However, if you are the one who is sick, they prevent you from spraying the virus across the room and all over surfaces. If you only care about yourself, you still want other people to wear masks, in which case you are less likely to pick up the virus in the first place.

And since touching your nose or mouth are two of the easiest ways of getting the virus, covering them stops you from doing that so much.

It’s only in the last couple weeks that, miraculously, the “you don’t need to wear a mask” mantra has stopped being chanted.

There are fresh news articles admitting, like it’s a new discovery, that the virus is transmittable by asymptomatic individuals.  I knew this on January 27th, mentioning it in my fist article about the virus, Runaway Rant: Coronavirus on a Rampage:

The epicenter for the 2019-nCoV virus is Wuhan, China, and the virus was detected about a month ago, at the end of December. Already more than 15 Chinese cities are in lock-down. There are officially 2,700 cases, 400 people in critical condition, and 80 deaths. Unlike in 2002, when SARS broke out, Chinese are now traveling more than ever, and there are today flights going out of China all around the globe. Also, very significantly, unlike SARS, this virus is contagious while still in the incubation phase, during which there may be no symptoms, and which may last as long as 2 weeks. This makes it impossible to detect infected and contagious people at airports unless they are already showing symptoms. Considering the long incubation period, and how new this virus is, most people who are contagious at this point may not be showing symptoms. In other words, the floodgates are open, and it’s only the minority of infected individuals who are being isolated from the public.

The point isn’t that I was perspicacious about all this, but that it was common knowledge. I still wonder how other people — the ones with power — didn’t understand it and take action. I saw clearly the problem that China was shutting down cities so that they would not infect the rest of China, but they were allowing people from those very same cities to fly all over the world and spread the virus. It didn’t make any sense. But China and the WHO and many American politicians called it “racist” to ban flights from China when the Chinese citizens on them were banned from going to the next city within China.

The countries that best handled the virus include Taiwan and Hong Kong, both Chinese, and both enemies of China (because China wants to take them over and instill its own brand of undemocratic rule). Those countries understand China, aren’t afraid of being called “racist” (being Chinese themselves), and knew both not to trust the Chinese Communist Party, and that if they were locking down cities, there must be something very seriously wrong.

What Taiwan and Hong Kong did was to aggressively halt the spread of the virus, and nip it in the bud. This included simply wearing masks and implementing quarantine, the same goddamned thing you do with any highly communicable virus.  And so, what we are finding out at a snail’s pace in first gear is that, duh, wearing masks and staying away from each other puts the breaks on the spread of the virus. 5 year olds can understand this.

But what Icke is urging is that we all go back to work in order to save the global economy from the reptile aliens evil cabal of compassionless overlords. The idea is that the financial devastation will kill more than the virus, which only really hurts the old and those with preexisting conditions. Note here that the overlords are themselves probably pretty old, and likely have preexisting conditions. I’m not sure if Icke considers Boris Johnson one of the evil elite, but apparently, leaders can get infected. We must also consider that, like the Spanish flu, this virus could mutate into something much worse that comes in a second wave and is even more destructive. The more hosts the virus has, the greater chance of it mutating in any one of them!

The way to defeat the virus is to starve it of hosts. Within a number of weeks the virus, in a contained environment, will either kill or be killed. True, the virus should never have left Wuhan, and the CCP is absolutely responsible for infecting the entire world. But, it’s too late to nip it in the bud, so the next best thing we can do is cut it off as soon as possible in order to minimize damage to both people and the economy.

The idea of just letting nature run its course so people can get back to work skips over the highly probable eventuality of massive cases of seriously infected individuals completely overwhelming hospitals (and that’s compared to what’s happening now), the cremation centers, morgues, the police, and emergency services. It’s the zombie apocalypse now so we can get back to work, but you can’t work in a zombie apocalypse. It would be the worst of both possible worlds!

“Sorry I’m late, I had to wrap my parents in sheets and covers because I can’t get them cremated for at least a few more days.”

“That’s too bad. Did you get the proposal ready for the meeting?”

“No need. Our client is dead.”

The solution all along was to stamp out the virus as soon as it was discovered in Wuhan. Instead there was coverup, squelching those who tried to warn others, lies, and fully consciously allowing infected people to spread the virus to all the corners of the planet. Instead of quarantining one city in America, every state is now under lock-down, because the American government couldn’t or wouldn’t do what was obvious to your humble servant months ago. We are still in the phase where the solution is to stop the virus in its tracks, and the more thorough the measures we take the sooner we can overcome it. Keep the sick to a minimum until a vaccine is produced.

Sure, some governments may want to capitalize on having increased control over their citizens, and make it permanent (ex., forcing people to have apps on their phones so they can be tracked by the government at all times), but this doesn’t mean that serious measures are necessarily about subordinating rather than protecting the population. We have to take the measures either way. I don’t personally see why people would be more amenable to greater governmental interference and control after we get through this pandemic, since that’s what failed us and allowed it to flourish.

If we are slack about the virus, than the best case scenario is that we learn our lesson and have to go into lock down all over again, in which case the economy takes another devastating knock down blow. The worse case scenario is we go back to work now, and we end up starring in a skit by Monty Python in which we bring out our dead.

It’s not a choice between going back to work or stopping the virus, it’s between stopping the virus and spreading it so effectively that work is impossible on top of it.

Icke’s crackpot theories are precisely antithetical to the world beating the virus. What could be more counterproductive than people denying the virus is real, fearing the vaccine instead, and otherwise ignoring science in favor of fantasy?

They like to say that everyone else is hysterical and panicking, while they are calm. Rather, they are the ones living in paranoia of an evil cult that wants to destroy us with a vaccine, and is in the very process of ending civilization as we know it. What could be more calm than staying at home and taking care of oneself so we could collectively crush the virus? Yes, it is financially life threatening, but, sadly, because of corruption and incompetence it is our best and only option, the alternative being the double whammy of financial and bodily ruin.

I like to think that we can learn from this, and rather than Icke’s paranoid vision of the overlords gaining more power, we recognize that China’s tyrannical system of censorship and top-down power didn’t work, and is NOT the model for the rest of us. We now know the WHO is bankrupt. We are talking about bringing jobs home, and being more self-reliant as countries, and even as individuals. And we may place more faith in science, which is not plotting — in cahoots with the reptile aliens evil overlords —  to destroy our lives, but to save them. If we’d listened to scientists about the risk of a pandemic — and if China had merely not repeated the same mistakes it made with SARS — we wouldn’t be in this mess.

And maybe we will listen more to science, including climatologists, rather than conspiracy theorists, pundits, and pseudo-scientists for hire.

How I made the graphic

OK, it’s not my best work, and I knocked it out as fast as possible just to have a visual aid. I tried a few different things. Here’s the original and stages in my process:

~ Ends

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14 replies on “Dangerous Crackpot Covid-19 Conspiracy Crap [with custom graphic]

  1. Waiting around for a vaccine may be a long wait. The common cold is caused by a corona virus. There is more than one type of common cold and more than one corona virus to cause them. We have never been able to create a vaccine for any of these corona viruses. Of course, we now have more reason than ever to try. Meanwhile, getting a cold doesn’t produce an immune response, at least not a lasting one. You can get another cold, even the same type, if not now then later. So, take care of yourselves.
    Meanwhile, David Icke is really behind the times. Everyone in the know has realized the aliens who are trying to take over the world have been living with us for generations in the form of flamingos. Just look at their legs! Besides that, they eat upside down. Now that it has been proven they are the ones who actually built the pyramids in an effort to eradicate everyone it should be obvious they incubated the virus in their eggs and then took the train to Wuhan to complete their dastardly plan. You don’t have to be Pinky and The Brain to figure it out. And, just to prove the point, flamingos are pink! You can’t call that a coincidence. So, cover your face, keep smiling and don’t let the flamingos win.
    Sorry, I think I got out of bed today on the wrong side.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Right! It’s been the flamingos all the time. Also agree about the difficulty of producing a vaccine, but we also have all the best people, internationally, working on the project. Even when one is rolled out, if it happens, it’s not likely to be 100% safe or effective. I think the seasonal flu vaccine is only around 50% effective. And then SARS-2 is mutating a lot, in which case the vaccine needs to cover all the strains…


  2. Be interesting to read the profiles of those who take to these outrageous conspiracy theories so eagerly. Are they for the most part, uneducated, or just genetically dumb or stupid? Are they unattached singles, perhaps living in their parents basement wearing tinfoil hats only leaving to get munchies from the corner store? Or are they actually born with a bull-ring in their nose — the better to be led around with?
    And those propagating these wild theories. Are they of the same ilk? Or if one had a police profile report would it be more — attention seeker (including controversy on social media), prone to delusions, wild speculations and Confirmation bias. Yet, it is said that everyone believes in at least one so called “popular” conspiracy theory.

    Mine is — that most of us have few self-acquired personal beliefs to begin with. That they’re all formed in relation to what “others” (mostly strangers!) are saying. That we pick and choose in what we believe in, from the plethora of opinions beginning with our Parents in childhood, from our cultural environments we grew up in, from our choices of news networks and social media opinionators. Not to mention Religion?

    It seems we all believe in some kind of conspiracy or another. In the end though — We’d all be a lot better off if we just listened to science, Period! Instead of rantings from delusional fearmongers and the ravings of Lunatics.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m mostly in agreement here, Corkywk. You’re a little hard, perhaps on those that buy into this stuff. This article used to have a section on why some people adopt alternative explanations for reality, but I took it out to keep things more to the point, and less potentially offensive. There are lots of decent folk who think the Earth is flat.

      But, I think your guess that education has a lot to do with it is correct. Icke never finished high school. Most the people I know who go in for this sort of thing also, while usually being intelligent, didn’t go to college. It’s a lot easier to believe the Earth is flat if you’ve never taken a college level astronomy course (which I have, and geology). Without that background, there’s no competing model for conspiracy theory which happens to explain things a hell of a lot better than conspiracy theory. There’s a reason no scientists argue that the Earth is flat.

      On top of that, conspiracy theory is a bit of a crutch for people who can’t handle reality, or the complexity of reality. So, for example, instead of worrying about a very real virus that has killed over 120,000 people in a matter of months, one can worry about micro-chips in the vaccine, which is not only a fiction, but hasn’t happened yet, and which one can avoid by just being in the know and refusing to get it.

      Then there’s the fact that conspiracy theory alternate reality is EASY! It’s easier to learn the silly points that appear to indicate that there was never a moon landing than it is to understand how it was done, when, and why. To be a conspiracy master of truth and reality, you don’t need to learn science, biology, history, psychology, philosophy or any of those difficult subjects. You don’t need to pass classes in them. All you need to do is the equivalent of reading one science-fiction novella. You learn a story, and insist that story is true. This way you handily trounce anyone with a full education, and you say that they were “brainwashed” and “believe authority”. Meanwhile, you merely regurgitate the authority of one or a few conspiracy wackos. So, it’s a super handy way of sidelining the need for an education, and all the hard work that implies, and is the fast route to being THE leading authority on everything!

      That said, I find the same sort of trend actually coming out of contemporary academia, in which case people who were “indoctrinated” into postmodern theory, and the various strains of identity politics and social justice, also have all the answers and a simple story. And then some go too far into only believing what science has already proven, and only what is material, when our reality is also composed of the subjective, feelings, insights, vague states of being, and so on. You have to be a bit of a Renaissance individual to grapple with the bigger picture, and any of the extreme and reductionist models are comical at best, and pernicious at worse when you outgrow them.

      I agree with you that, essentially, we are all operating on some sort of intellectual model of the universe, call it a philosophy, belief system, narrative, paradigm, or combination thereof. I also agree that it is largely received, and I would add that few people are able to escape their mental conditioning and actually think for themselves and form their own underlying set of beliefs. On the other hand, I think we all also have instincts, subconscious knowledge and influences, that run parallel to our conceptual beliefs, and to a degree free us from their strict rule. Even kids are not necessarily bound by their mental conditioning.

      So, in the “examined life” to use Socrates’ idea, one continually develops and expands one’s mental operating system: one’s knowledge, understanding, beliefs, pragmatic approaches, regimes, habits, insights, and even transcendent experiences.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I do apologize if my rant offended anyone, it was certainly not my intention. My opening comments on those that do believe and those propagating where intended tongue-in-cheek rhetoric’s and phrased as a question “are they?” and not statements of “They are.” Even my last paragraph acknowledges “we all” (including me) fall prey to believing at times. I sincerely do believe we all have this capability in us to some degree, including me.

    That said, I do take issue with those propagating conspiracy theories because they are targeting those of us who are most susceptible. Preying on the weak if you will? And this at times, can put them, or others by association of their misbeliefs in harms way. As to: refusing vaccines, denying coronavirus is contagious, etc. Even in how and who they vote for as in led to believe, then voting for, anti-climate change and science denier candidates that will negatively effect all of us in the long run.

    Yes freedom of speech is a constitutional right, I suppose even when it negatively effects our populace as in the case of online ISIS recruiting? Russia’s political propaganda influence, China’s re-direct that the virus is American made? All dramatic examples I concede, but plotting conspiracy theories nonetheless. The issue is perhaps is that we all have different beliefs and have a right to them. But where’s the line when spreading these beliefs become harmful to others. And Is their even a line? Enjoyed your post Eric and the conversations!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well, I’m in total agreement with your thinking here. I’d hope that line, when it comes to beliefs harming others, is that we shoot it down with better arguments. That, however, doesn’t work unless everyone participating is willing to change their opinion;, willing to defer to the broader and better argument and evidence; and willing to concede the point.

      In my small way, in this and other articles about the virus, I try to dispel some dangerous and erroneous thought with hopefully clear arguments.

      However, I can say, for example, that I have never lost an argument about climate change, but neither has anyone ever agreed with me in the end. And this goes for most any topic I address. I never win a debate.

      But one could still hope to be persuasive enough to perhaps sway people a little.


      Liked by 2 people

  4. Agree with most of this article. I’m just opposed to the taking down of his sites and alternative viewpoints not being allowed. If anything, it has held my interest for longer than it would have otherwise. They should have just James Wilks’d (Forest Plot Black Belt) his arguments point by point, with the scientific evidence…but as they haven’t done that…I’ll have londonreal tv on in the background while I do something worthwhile LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Totally agree, Ralph.

      I wrote about this issue of censorship regarding another wingnut, Alex jones, here: Alex Jones is a nut, but his being universally banned is chilling.

      Among other things, I find it un-American. I wrote my Icke article before he got de-platformed. I don’t support it, either, much as he annoys the living crap out of me.

      I got your reference about James Wilks. I assume you saw at least part of his debate on Joe Rogan against Chris Kresser: the part where he pointed out Kresser couldn’t even read the chart they were discussing.

      I stopped eating animal products after watching Game Changers and a couple other documentaries. Wilks is persuasive. Didn’t stop Rogan from going on a Keto meat diet, though.

      Anyway, there are worm people living in holes in the ground, and the global elite want to put their eggs into the vaccine. That’s what this is all about. And then you end up birthing a worm-person out your asshole. If that’s what the sheeple want, than let them have it. OPEN YOUR EYES! How will you be able to look in the eys of your children and say you supported them getting worm-people eggs injected into them?! Also makes you eat dirt.


  5. A percentage of the population is nuts, irrational, delusional. Roughly half, enough to elect someone to high office anyway. I am reminded of Matheson’s “I am legend”. The last rational person hunted down and killed for being different, iaw, sane.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I don’t know what’s going on with people. I suspect it has something to do with not getting the requisite education to be able to critically process information and test it against a fairly solid grasp of reality. That and getting an overload of deliberately misleading news – I can’t find an outlet that isn’t pushing this or that agenda – if not complete quackery. Adults end up being as gullible as kids because they can’t triangulate information, identify logical fallacies, and shoot down crappy arguments. These days I think it’s our scientific advancements, built on a long foundation of objective knowledge, and the resultant technology which makes like much less easier to survive in that is the key to our general success. Socially, politically, and philosophically we are about as dense as ever. I’m just slightly less myopic than average, I suppose.


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