Loud Alien Noize did a feature on my Selfies From Alternate Universes series. Click on the pic or the link to check it out, and he’s got lots of other fascinating content about art, music, film, and culture.

Seriously folks, the public reaction to this series has been somewhere between milquetoast and viscous (and stupid) attacks. But, uh, Tobe Damit at Loud Alien Noise and a few other people whose opinions matter to me really dig it. Perhaps more people will catch on over time, and I should do more of these.

Selfies from Alternate Universes ”All of these digital paintings are based on my humble visage” says Eric Wayne. I been keeping an eye on him and when I saw the first samples of the ”Selfish-Selfies” as he had already called them, I knew he was onto something. Finally someone had found a way to make […]

via Eric Wayne — Loud Alien Noize

Note: I don’t recall every using the phrase “selfish selfies”, ’cause that has a rather negative connotation. Though I might have said “self-ish” (as in self-ish portraits, because they are not exactly self-portraits) which has a very different meaning.

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My Amazing Patrons

Here are my generous and perspicacious supporters through Patreon or Paypal (who also choose to be listed). They help make it possible for me to continue making challenging new fine art images and writing art criticism and other articles. If you’d like to contribute (for as little as $1 a month), in which case I…

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Believing is Seeing?

[Rant, which means I write this in one go, no editing. There’s a certain poetry to how sentences just unravel like a coiled rug. But mostly I don’t have time to write my more academic articles right now, and that’s because I’m much more subsumed in making my own art. Wait, I’d better do one…

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500 Posts on My Blog

I got a notification today from WordPress that I’ve posted 500 times. I wouldn’t have thought it was that much. I remember counting my art criticism articles at one point when there were 50. But of course this includes all my art posts as well. A lot of people come and go in the blogging…

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What is Real in Art?

What is Real in Art: With a Revaluation of Brian Ashbee’s Infamous “Art Bollocks” So much of the art of the recent past can be seen as attempts to get away from mere images, and confront the viewer with the real… ~ Brian Ashbee, 1999. The real in art is the evidence of self-awareness, or…

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