2 replies on “Golgolon Video

  1. Very interesting! Love the name as well, an invocation of Golgotha but, as you say, with an element of ambiguity. You may be interested to know (if you didn’t already) the etymological root of Golgotha is from a word for skull, which is also invoked by the peculiar shape of the alien’s head.

    Really liked it, two thumbs up!

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    1. Thanks for the intelligent commentary, and I’m glad you like the piece. You are right, Golgolon comes from Golgotha, which I remember as meaning something like the hill or mountain of skulls. It’s where Christ was crucified. But with a slight twist, makes for a good alien name. I titled a painting “Golgotha” about 25 years ago, and included the title in the painting. Golgotha

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