I fixed the chart so it’s more clear. Also now the actual funds left are in green, and the target (minimum) is in red. So, if the green is above the red, I’m OK.

Last month was a contradiction of the prior month. In January I did experimental pieces on the computer and talked about not making one-of-a-kind objects that could be invested in. This month I somehow ended up making a dozen physical pieces: drawings, mixed media, and even an acrylic painting (which I don’t think I’ve done in over 20 years). This was a break from the work I normally do in Photoshop, as eclectic as it is. Most of the pieces were humorous or experimental, but there are a couple serious ones in there, namely the drawing “Game Over” and the painting, “Robot Versus Monster”. Here they all are in a gallery:

If you looked carefully at my graph you might have guessed I went over budged last month. I think it was all the art supplies I bought, even if they were very cheap. But I also splurged a bit here and there. I know I thought that now that I made some physical art that can be bought as an investment, the chances of me making some money off of art are higher. However, when you double 0.02% you only come up with 0.04%. It may not be that dire, but, nothing has happened yet in terms of response for me to get at all excited about.

This month I’m hoping to hunker down and make 5 more “Robot Versus Monster” paintings. I think I’m onto something with that subject and the way I’m doing it, but I don’t think many others will appreciate it until I do a few more of them. So far, everything I’ve planned to do and written in my monthly updates my imagination rebelled against the following day. This time maybe it won’t. I want to see if I can pull it off, and of course I know that it’s very difficult to get any exposure if one doesn’t produce a body of work that can be recognized as belonging to one style.

I’ve got to really, really dig what I’m doing to stick with one style, because I particularly like to experiment, and most everything I’ve done started as an experiment. I also like to flip extremes, and frequently don’t want to even do two pieces in a row in the same style.

Lastly, while I was working on art last month I became enthusiastic about some philosophy lectures, and listened to nearly 50 of them by now. Most of them are from a particular teacher, who makes philosophy extremely interesting. I started with the 25 lectures on “Existentialism and the Meaning of Life”, and then just finished 16 on “Power Over People: Classical and Modern Political Theory”. I’ve gone through philosophy phases before, including a rather prolonged stint with Eastern Philosophy, so this isn’t exactly new material, but it’s been really refreshing just to think about philosophy. On the down side it’s making me even more of an analytical SOB than I was before, though in a good way. I do believe that the best argument should win, and if we pooled our minds together as a species and made the most rational decisions we could raise ourselves out of the suicidal torrent we’ve sunk ourselves in.

Check in to see how my Robots Versus Monsters are coming along. Also feel free to comment (unless you think that you are enlightened, which is a level of arrogance I don’t have much tolerance for, and yes I’ve actually had issues with insulting comments from people who think they are enlightened).

~ Ends

WARNING: If you don’t want to endure the self-promo stuff I have to do to try to keep afloat, stop scrolling now. Content here is always free to you, but if someone wants a print, or to help out, I need to make that possible. I also offer prints for a minimal profit above production costs. In other words, they are inexpensive.

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