Robot Versus Monster 1, painting by Eric Kuns 2012
Robot Versus Monster. Acrylic and ink on A4 watercolor paper, by Eric Wayne (Kuns). 2/2014

Robot and monster battling it out to destruction.This started as a brushed India ink drawing, which I executed on the spot in one go. This was difficult because I had to invent simultaneously with drawing. Next time I think I’ll sketch it in pencil first. I added color with watercolor pencils, but eventually moved to using acrylics. So, what you now have is a full-on acrylic painting. You can’t see it very clearly in the scanned version, but there is a fair amount of painted texture.

I’m planning to do 5 more of these. We’ll have to see if I can really do it, but I’m enthusiastic about this particular challenge. There’s so much potential there, and it’s also challenging.

This image is violent and sad. If anything it is against violence, and shows how horrible it is, even when performed by imaginary creatures on each other.

I was going for a bit of a 50’s look so that the creatures would be a bit nostalgic, vaguely sympathetic, have continuity with the past, and have a sort of essential feel to them. I didn’t copy any existing creatures that I know of. Next ones will be different robots and monsters.

I’m selling the original painting, prints and postcards

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