sassChristopher Wool, "Rat sass" 2013, by Eric Kuns
Christopher Wool, “Rat Sass” 2013

I’m not really sure if it’s the text, or the idea of the text, or the line spacing, or whatever that makes the work of Christopher Wool worthy of being in the Guggenheim Museum, but whatever it is, it’s fun and easy to imitate.

Or maybe it’s the ability to do word-plays or double-entendres. Rest assured, however, that while Wool’s stuff is the real deal and worth millions, my versions are worthless crap. Maybe if I spend a few more minutes on them.


3 replies on “The Latest Christopher Wool Masterwork

  1. I haven’t heard the term, “I don’t give a rat’s ass,” since Jamaica. Do Americans even use that phrase or is it lost on them for the most part? This is a very British and ex-colonial phrase. I like the work. Don’t know that it’s worth the price tag though.


    1. I heard older people say it when I was younger. Maybe people don’t say it anymore. Hey, that one was by me.
      There isn’t a price tag on it. I didn’t even think it was worth trying to sell for a few dollars. Of course the original Wool’s probably get hundreds of thousands, or over a million.


      1. You did a good job imitating/appropriating. I likee that one. You know, I think it was the phrase that made me wonder if it it was yours or Wool’s. But the look, feel, placement of typography, all well done and certainly could pass for Wool’s.


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