The Human Fly, by Eric Kuns, 12/2013
The Human Fly, by Eric Kuns. 12/2013 (click to see larger version)

I’ll write more about this in another post. I just wanted to throw it out there for people to see. Following are a couple close ups.

Zoomed in a bit closer, on the Human Fly
Zoomed in a bit closer

The next one is at “actual pixels”. I worked as large as my computer could handle it, even cutting the image in half and working on the halves separately and then combining them in the end. It’s roughly 36X48 inches at 300 dpi, which can easily print out at 72×96 inches. It’s big.

actual pixels, The Human Fly
At actual pixels (actual size on screen)

In the close up you can see the painterly technique I incorporate.

Feel free to comment and give your impression, criticism, insights, interpretation, or anything else.

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2 replies on “The Human Fly

  1. Is it weird that I want a pizza, donuts and sandwich now? But not that mystery drink or worm macaroni thingy. Looking forward to more closeups so we can further appreciate your talent, color and craftsmanship! In the meantime, I’ll continue to create a back story of this guy in my head. Great work! ^ ^


    1. The pizza is rather tempting. I tend to think of the liquids as being uuuuuuuh serums or some such thing. You know, the type thing you’d take to cause or prevent mutation, er, in sci-fi movies.


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