My latest video. This one’s more straight-up art history, but with some significant observations and analysis that are all my own and you won’t find anywhere else.

I started this video years ago and only recently got around to finishing it. If you read my recent blog post about this painting, that was the narration for the video version. The video took many, many more hours than the blog post and has a bit more to offer.

If you want to help rescue me from being buried by the algorithm, it’s best to let the video play all the way through. The algorithm doesn’t care about likes, which is part of why they don’t show downvotes anymore. It’s just whatever gets the most eyes on the ads. Whether the algorithm suggests a video to more people depends on how much of it people watch and how many people click on it when it shows up in their feed, which is why so many people rely on clickbait. 


7 replies on “Video Release: A New Look at The Last of England

  1. Thank you for doing this video. I only live about 30 miles from Birmingham, England so I’ve seen the paiting several times. You’ve made me feel I ought to go back and see it again. I always felt the distorted perspective gives a sense of the constant movement of the boat on the water. The eyes of the man and woman can hold you steady, but as soon as you look elswhere, everything is turmoil. It can almost make you feel seasick.

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