Robert Kennedy Jr. presenting his uncle John, the President, with a salamander.

We’ve all heard about Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announcing he’s running for president. We’ve been informed that he’s “crazy”, a “fringe candidate”, and an “anti-vaxxer” wingnut. We’ve been told that his candidacy could hurt Biden’s run and put Trump back in office. He has also been called “political royalty”, and accused of running on the “family name”. Is that accurate? Is that what you’ve heard from your trusted news outlets?

Did they mention his main goal is to roll back the merger of big corporate interests and politics and, in so doing, to rescue the middle class from being extinguished? Or did they leave out that part?

Such demonization and slander of a political candidate as we’ve seen of Kennedy is so comical and transparent that it piqued my curiosity. Who is this guy the corporate media hacks are so eager to disqualify with soundbites that are an insult to our intelligence? I’ve never cared about celebrities, royalty, or anything like that, probably because I don’t have any myself and can’t hope to compete in that arena, in which case I had no interest in the Kennedy family and knew virtually nothing about RFK Jr.. But I do know from adult life and lots of job experience that malicious gossip, slander, and character assassination are extremely effective tools, and if I want to give anyone a fair chance before judging them, I need to listen to them make their own case. In the case of a serious political candidate, which Kennedy is in spades, no matter what the PR departments of the corporations he tries to protect us from have to say, I feel it’s a bit of my duty as an educated, independent-thinking adult American to give the guy a chance and not just regurgitate the slurs coined by the corporate media. I checked out what RFK had to say for himself, watched his full announcement speech of his intent to run, and it was a big surprise. 

First off, he’s almost intimidatingly knowledgeable, learned, intelligent, rational, and outspoken. Kennedy ain’t no W! He is NOT, once and for all, any kind of royalty. He has a long career of working very hard fighting for causes he believes in, which is not just living the life of luxury while resting on the laurels of his family name. His main goal is to disengage selfish business interests from political policy and to rescue the middle class from being crushed. This, he sees as necessary to save our democracy. Before seeing this, I’d already decided that if a candidate doesn’t talk about class issues, I can’t take them seriously. Here he was, knocking it out of the park.

What I quickly learned is that RFK Jr. was an environmental lawyer who defended ordinary people, the poor, minorities, and the powerless against the corruption of big corporations. THAT is his real passion, and his legacy! He is responsible for cleaning and saving the Hudson River in New York, and that meant going up against multiple polluting corporations and winning. He’s an exceptionally intelligent fellow who’s written more than 10 books. With a little more research, it’s quite apparent that he is a dyed-in-the-wool Kennedy, of whom his father and uncle would have been proud, had they lived to see him mature. If he is wrong about any of the medical science, it’s in the context of a genuine attempt to protect us from the profiteering and indifference of Big Pharma. He could be mistaken, but, I quickly realized that his heart was in the right place, he was definitely on the side of the good, and he was fighting for us and against powerful and corrupt institutions.

It turns out he’s not anti-vaccine. He’s anti Big Pharma. He’s for vaccines with gusto, but against insufficient safety protocols and putting profits before people when rolling out expensive drugs, including vaccines. For example, he objected when pharmaceutical companies managed to lobby and petition the government into removing any accountability from the medical companies if people were in any way harmed by vaccines. You can’t sue a company if their medicine makes you sick if it’s a vaccine, any vaccine.

According to Kennedy, the pharmaceutical industries said to Congress:

“The only reason that we’re going to continue to make vaccines is if you give us blanket immunity from liability. And Congress gave it to them. So, today, you have a product that if it injures you, no matter how negligent the company was, no matter how sloppily they align protocols, no matter how toxic the ingredients that they choose to use, no matter how grievous your injury, you can not sue that company. And that company therefore has no incentive to make that product safe.

~ Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

There you have his “conspiracy theory” that’s designed to somehow harm you. To me it looks like fighting for caution. And, no, he didn’t link vaccines in general with autism; he linked a specific chemical, Thimerosal, in some of them to the risks of exposing unborn children to elevated levels of mercury when given to pregnant women, etc. So, in short, the guy is looking out for us, and perhaps he’s been overzealous about it and misinterpreted/misrepresented some of the science. However, he has repeatedly stated that he’s eager to see superior science that contradicts the studies and research he’s poured over and is happy to change his opinion and admit error when given better evidence. That is, he argues, how science and appreciating science work. You defer to the best evidence and arguments. He believes that. It’s quite possible that he’s mostly right about everything, given his approach and willingness to admit being wrong.

The media will give us a list of conclusions from authorities that contradict RFK Jr.’s claims about vaccines. They will use language such as, “his theory about X has been debunked”. However, these same sorts of authoritative conclusions were trotted out endlessly to “debunk” the lab leak theory, and now even Fauci is conceding the lab leak theory is likely. Kennedy challenges people to show the evidence behind the conclusions and the science that bolsters them. If someone can do that, he says he will share that finding on his website, admit his error, and apologize if appropriate. Because of his long career suing corporate polluters, he’s become involved with reading scientific papers and relishes it. He could be wrong about where he connects some dots, but he has a team of an alleged 100 experts that he uses to vet anything he says. Most of us, including me, are not capable of assessing the science ourselves, and so it’s a matter of faith in who we trust. I would trust JFK’s heart over that of Big Pharma, but that doesn’t make him necessarily right. It is peculiar that we are now taking on faith pharmaceutical industries who have notoriously been corrupt in the past. Once given free reign and no consequences, we are to believe that they’ve converted to being altruistic, while also raking in record level profits and positioning themselves to do so indefinitely. Still, it comes down to the hard science.

Incidentally, the term “conspiracy theory” was apparently coined to dismiss arguments that there was something fishy about the assassination of JFK. If this were a novel or movie, we could easily appreciate how well it ties in with the fact that now JFK’s nephew is being accused of “conspiracy theory” when challenging institutions that are infamous for corruption. As much as I find myself wanting to put a hero’s cape on RFK Jr., we are all fallible mortal beings, and he may have gone down a rabbit hole that can’t be disproven but does not necessarily prove what he believes it does. Time will tell. However you slice it, by me, he’s far superior to a choice between the lesser of two evils.

The debate below is outstanding and really showcases RFK Jr.’s legal mind.

The reality is that the people who are dismissing him as weak in the head couldn’t hold a candle to his intellect in practice. If he can school Alan Dershowitz on the relevant law, how would Joe Biden or Donald Trump fare against him? According to Kennedy, Trump doesn’t have the patience to really dig into the law and how agencies operate, and I dare say Biden is not intellectually capable of it, either. Let’s at least not pretend Kennedy is a lightweight. BA HA HA HA HA!

If you watch the segment I linked to above and think “conspiracy theory”, you have to be doggedly dedicated to a foregone conclusion. Don’t trust me. Test yourself. Warning, Kennedy has a brilliant legal mind, and evidence and arguments at his fingertips. His arguments are all based on a damning history of medical malpractice, companies raking in billions while sacrificing public health, and he’s trying to prevent more of the same shameless behavior. The argument he puts forth is not only mind-blowing, it blew away Alan Dershowitz. The real conspiracy is that RFK is a conspiracy theorist. He’s an American hero fighting the pharmaceutical industry, and Monsanto, and big polluters, etc., for knowingly putting people in harm’s way for personal gain.

This is what Alan Dershowitz had to say after debating Kennedy for two hours on vaccine safety:

Let me first of all say nobody should be angry with you. People should be praising you for bringing this to the attention of the American public.

Alan Deshowitz to RFK Jr. after debating him on vaccine safety.

My guess is Kennedy is absolutely right about at least SOME, and probably most of the medical shenanigans he’s combated throughout his career because, like any other big business these days, the medical industry puts profits before people. We need someone like RFK Jr. to fight for us, and he is a veritable pit bull when it comes to that. Might he be wrong about some of his conclusions? Yep. But that is not nearly as much of a slam-dunk as the pharmaceutical companies would have us believe. When we hear the take on the news, we are hearing the PR pitches of their biggest corporate sponsors.

I was shocked to hear how eloquently Kennedy could discuss the vicissitudes of science extemporaneously in interviews. I mean, I’m used to Trump talking about injecting disinfectant in the body or Biden saying, “You know, the thing!Or W saying, “Rarely is the question asked, Is our children learning.” This is at least an individual who made a genuine and passionate attempt to understand the science, write a book about it, and can communicate about it on the level we’d expect and hope for. Yes, you will find various authoritative quasi-scientific bodies asserting Kennedy’s science is wrong, though they are the same agencies, corporations, and institutions he’s taking to task, and who have a vested financial interest in dismissing his allegations. What we can’t doubt is how successfully they’ve persuaded us to not give him the time of day. What we also can’t deny is that Kennedy is pro-science and scientific principles, understands them and can expostulate them. That doesn’t, however, mean he didn’t get some things wrong. I’d have to be an expert in biology, or virology, or similar to really have an informed opinion.

Let’s talk about one of his undeniably stronger points. If we care about the environment and are at all concerned that polluting the atmosphere and demolishing the biosphere might have disastrous results, besides making life generally less pleasant or rewarding, he’s our man. He knows the law and has already stood up to big polluters on behalf of working-class fishermen and minority communities whose environments are the predictable dumping grounds for toxic waste. He has all the knowledge, intelligence, courage, and indefatigability to truly fight to preserve what’s left of our natural environment, save us from some of the worst climate disasters, and transition us into becoming stewards of the Earth rather than exploiters of it for personal gain at the expense of future generations.

RFK and wife, Cheryl Hines. Not that it matters much, but that’s a president and first lady that are easier on the eyes.

I discovered some old video footage from 2005 of Kennedy discussing his book on the atrocious environmental record of the George W. Bush administration. Now we can see that everything he said is true, and he was a man ahead of his time. Well, that’s probably going to be the way we see his pronouncements today about corporate takeovers of politics, including Big Pharma. He talks in this video about the “apocalyptic battle against the forces of ignorance and greed” and says, “That’s what I signed up for”. Watch the video and tell me we aren’t extremely lucky to have this guy as a candidate for president today.

Let’s get a little personal on this. RFK Jr. is the nephew of President John F. Kennedy and the son of U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. Both his father and uncle were murdered. Both were also considered true liberals in the old sense of the word and exemplary politicians in the history of our country. As I said before, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. RFK Jr. thoroughly believes in and upholds the liberal democratic principles of his father and uncle. His father told him that his people were the poor, working class, minorities, and powerless because the rich had lobbyists and lawyers and didn’t need him. If you trace RFK Jr.’s career, that has been his modus operandi, up until and including his activism to insure that vaccines are truly safe and that the extremely powerful companies making them, which are among the biggest donors and sponsors of the news media and politicians, don’t use their power to maximize profit at the expense of public health.

There’s something really strange and sinister going on here. This nephew and son of two of the most popular and loved politicians in American history—their murders being among our saddest political tragedies—is being demonized and ridiculed as not even worth considering for office. In reality, he is not only a legitimate candidate, but in contests that have repeatedly been about choosing the lesser of two evils, we now have the option of choosing someone who has a long record of fighting for the unquestionably good. I’d say he’s the next best thing to resurrecting John F. Kennedy and running him against Biden and Trump, but I’m not sure he’s not only the next best thing but rather today’s incarnation of those timeless American liberal and democratic principles and moral backbone that made America so prosperous in the past. RFK Jr. is a real-deal Kennedy right in there with his father and uncle. The campaign against him is not only anti-American, it is anti-Kennedy, and that includes being against John and Robert Sr., as well as everything they stood for, because Robert Jr. stands for those very same things. RFK Jr. is Kennedy 2.0.

Kennedy’s main objective, again, is to halt and combat large corporations merging with and taking over government, crafting laws that benefit themselves and harm ordinary people. That includes not only big pharma but also the big banks, the military industrial complex, multinational corporations, the big polluters, and all the usual suspects. And THAT is why you see such a campaign to shut him down. It issues from their infiltration into politics and out of the mouths of politicians and news reporters whose palms they greased.


Kennedy is against ever-increasing surveillance, against censorship, against endless wars of opportunity, against corporate and any corruption, and overwhelmingly for recovering the middle class. In fact, he’s the most outspoken person on the issues of class, oligarchy, and the disappearance of the middle class since Bernie Sanders (before Bernie sold out and limited himself to spewing rhetoric about identity politics). As for race issues, well, he’s less about abstract and frivolous talking points and has a proven record of fighting to protect the health of minority groups, including indigenous peoples, from toxic pollution.

The attempt to shut down Robert Kennedy Jr. is heinous, anti-American, anti-Kenney, and done in the name of corporate and oligarchic rule. He is our best hope of averting some form of techno-authoritarianism and dystopian future, and America’s chance to make up for the assassinations of his brother and uncle by reaffirming the timeless moral values and ideal governance style that once made America the best example of freedom and prosperity around the globe.

RFK Jr. is a great guy, a great American, and would make a great president. But the corporate-sponsored news tells us that he’s a joke, a quack, and not worth considering. I invite you to look into the matter yourself and judge him according to your own intelligence, morals, heart, and instincts. And if you are afraid that a real-deal Kennedy will take votes away from an octogenarian Biden and give the presidency to Trump, I rather predict that if you eliminate Kennedy, Trump will easily triumph over Biden, just as he did over Hillary after the Dems crushed Bernie for bringing up class issues. So, if it is the Orange Man you fear, I’d put someone in the ring who has the grit, intelligence, bravery, and background to stand up to a bully and give him a serious beating.

I don’t believe the PR propaganda of the big corporations, and the candidacy of RFK Jr. is about the only thing that gives me any hope for the future of America in 2023. I suppose I should be allocating more of my mental energy to acquiescing to my ever-dwindling prospects and security in the rise of the seemingly inevitable race to a dystopian future. You’ll have to forgive me for being momentarily optimistic, rooting for the ideal variety of Americanism, and hoping for a prosperous future where we are stewards of the Earth and humanity continues for untold generations. My bad!

As for Biden and the Dems refusing to have public debates in the primary so they can shoehorn in Biden and appease the corporate and billionaire backers they serve, it’s a smart move. They don’t want the general public to hear Kennedy for themselves, and they know Biden would be eviscerated in a debate with him. But in addition to being disgustingly cowardly, it is also an abrogation of democracy, and demonstrates that the current Democratic body is far less concerned with democratic ideals than with staying in power and personally profiting off of it at all costs.

Finally, does Kennedy have a chance of winning? Absolutely. That’s why they are trying so hard to discredit him and make you feel like an outsider if you listen to him at all. He’s all over the internet and has done lots of interviews with some of the most influential people online. You’ll see all the independent influencers coming out in support of him, from Joe Rogan to Russell Brand. He was on the Theo Von podcast and even on Mike Tyson’s Hot Boxin’. Jimmy Dore likes him, of course, but so do conservatives, including Tucker Carlson and Megyn Kelly. He has that crossover appeal because everyone is sick of being lied to, he’s committed to telling the truth – one of his roles has been a truth teller – and he’s already been walking the walk of talking to the other side and trying to find common ground.

Here’s some of his many appearances online:

Interview on the Jimmy Dore show

A segment on Al-Jazeera which is a very good introduction to the man

A surprisingly strong interview on Megyn Kelly

On Mike Tyson’s podcast, and this was another fascinating interview, in which he also talks candidly about the assassination of his father, and who was behind it.

On Theo Von’s podcast

On Tucker Carlson

These alone reach a very wide spectrum of people in terms of political affiliations and leanings. People are getting more news from the internet than the TV and newspapers these days, and RFK Jr. has already established himself there. The old Bernie voters are going to gravitate to him naturally, because he’s revived the discussion of class issues, but even Piers Morgan wasn’t able to talk down to him. He’s the real deal, and you can’t keep a good man down forever. OK, sure you can, but I’m going to go ahead and root for the good guy anyway. In that Jimmy Dore interview I linked to above, Jimmy tried to tell him he didn’t have a chance because the Democratic Party has been sidelining the working class for more than a quarter century, and will try to crush him like they did Bernie. RFK Jr.’s strategy is to get a sort of left version of the popular uprising Trump inspired to overcome resistance from the established Republicans.

Trump was in the same position in the Republican Party that I am in the Democratic Party. Nobody in the party structure wanted him, but he was able to create a populist uprising that allowed him to not only take the presidency, but also to take control of the Republican Party. So there is a template for how it might be possible. With a bottom-up populism, it might be possible.

~ Robert Kennedy Jr.

Kennedy is the people’s candidate to run against the entrenched Democrats that are bought and sold by big corporate interests, the billionaire class, and the military industrial complex. And that’s why you will see people like me speaking out in a bottom-up attempt to promote a candidate we can believe in, and who has and will fight for the health, prosperity, freedom, and future prospects of the working and middle classes (and that in turn will benefit the rich as well in the long run]. I’d say Kennedy has restored my faith in America, but I never had any. Rather, he’s kindled it. Don’t believe the corporate-owned news and the agencies who are trying so hard to smear and dismiss him. They are doing that out of very real fear that he will bring some of them to justice. And they know that average Americans, if they hear enough of Kennedy speak for himself, will be persuaded. He is the real deal.

~ Ends

7 replies on “Runaway Rant: The Despicable, anti-American Smearing of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

  1. The extreme polarization of the US is a worrying phenomenon. There is an urgent need for a third party that covers the middle ground where common sense rules. Unfortunately, this seems to be one of the sole issues where the powers to be in Washington agree upon: no third party that would oblige them to forge coalitions and break the dictorship of the 50% + 1 rule.

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    1. Agreed, and that “common sense rules” argument is why RFK appeals to so many people. When I look at the comments under videos, including hit pieces against him, I will see a lot of people saying they are republicans but will switch to vote for RFK. He seems able to reach people across the whole political spectrum, which is no surprise since that’s one of his main objectives.


    1. Yeah, he’s a truth teller of enormous proportions, and has been for a long time. I would so like to have some faith in our future and imagine he will be president and not get assassinated.

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