Misfits of the Metaverse #6, by Eric Wayne, 2/2022.

This image ends the series of 6.

Here is the entire series.

And here are a few details.

I could say a lot more, but for tactical purposes, I’m just going to let the work stand on its own for now.

I made this series for the NFT marketplace, and, well, it didn’t get any traction. There could be many reasons, but one possible one is that this work is just out of sync with what kind of digital art people in the community want to see, or buy, or promote.

A YouTuber just put out a video in which he looks for a rock song in the Top 100 on Spotify. There’s aren’t any until #146, which is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. I doubt you’d find a contemporary classical piece in there anywhere. Me trying to sell my digital art as NFTs might be a little like a rock band hoping their rock song to be in the top 100 on Spotify. But, I’m more of a contemporary classical composer, which is even worse. Though, I think there may be something even a little less pleasant than that at hand.

If anyone would like an NFT, you can get it here: https://objkt.com/collection/KT1DB4BUnPbV6ZG8bTfKrKeA3cY629nbMAUL

~ ends

3 replies on “New Art: Misfits of the Metaverse #6

  1. Hi, Eric, I enjoyed so much your piece on Jerry Saltz. Why can’t I find it on the blog? I read it in the body of the email, and when I clicked to read the ending, it’s gone. Anyway, it made my morning. Ciao!


    1. I didn’t mean to publish it yet. I wasn’t done editing. So, I accidentally hit “publish” and the put it back to “draft” to finish going over it. I guess it went out in email form. I’ll put out the regular post tomorrow.

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