Swell with Bikini Dancing Girls, by Eric Kuns [3/2014]
Imagine the field day I’m having with the tags! If you are thinking this was a cheap attempt to attract the hordes of people just looking for titillation, you are only half right, because it’s quite an elaborated and sophisticated attempt.

Don’t think this is just a photo with some slick Photoshop filter applied to it. I used at least 6 different photos, and, for example, none of the girls are in the same photo together. The background is completely made up, and I integrated it all with a digital painting style I invented (it’s not a filter, I do every stroke individually). I started this a couple months ago as a sort of companion piece to the reviled, “Bare Knuckle Brawl” (scroll down to see it). Both show contemporary scenes which many people will find objectionable, and some will be attracted to. They appear as extant scenes, more or less, but the scenario or tableaux is my own creation.

These reflect popular contemporary culture, and while the other piece was about men competing at fighting bare fisted, here we have girls competing at lurid dancing in bikinis. No, this isn’t explicitly a comment on gender roles, or at least not a prescriptive one! Though one could hardly escape issues of gender here. I’m just not taking a particular hardline stance on it. Those are the girl’s real poses during their dances, but I changed the colors of all their bikinis (I’m an artist). Come to think of it, two of the girls poses are combinations of more than one pic each. I wanted some aesthetic things like the matching arm shadows on the two forward girls’ thighs. Oh yes, every little detail is deliberate. I thought this kind of dancing contest was a peculiar phenomenon, partly because of just how over-the-top the dancing was, and also that this was done outdoors and probably not for money, unless it was prize money. The audience’s reaction is also worth observing. In reality the stage is about half as wide and only one girl performs at a time.

This is also not entirely unlike my comic rendition of Miley Cyrus’s now infamous twerking performance, below.

Miley Cyrus Twerking
Miley Cyrus Twerking, by me. [11/2013]
Yes, that is a wave of heroic proportions in the background, and if you were a spectator to the event on the stage, as you would be from the angle of the camera (though the camera angle doesn’t really exist), you’d need to run for your life.

Everyone is oblivious. There is a reflection on the lenses of one of the girl’s sunglasses. There is a necklace tossed in the air. And the hand reaching for the girl in the front’s back or bikini top strap could be doing so for a few different reasons.

I’ll create a gallery for details, and add other information tomorrow.

Update: here it is: Background and details on “Swell with Bikini Dancing Girls”.

Bare Knuckle Brawl, 12/2013. Digital painting by Eric KUns
Bare Knuckle Brawl, 12/2013. Click to go to a post about this image.

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