“White Balloon,” oil pastel on 18×24″ paper (1987)

I did this for a drawing class in community college way back when. Let me do the math. 27 years ago, when I was 21. I think the teacher (now deceased) was a little shocked. Shows influences of Bacon in the treatment of interiors and flattening of picture plane. It’s among my favorites of my early work.

ead for White Balloon, pastel drawing, figurative.
A detail of the head.

Years later I ran into that same teacher in a supermarket and he confided that he thought I was a “real artist”.

4 replies on “White Balloon, drawing from 1987

  1. Hi Eric,

    Like the drooping eyelid. Is that clear corrugated plastic on the right?

    If you were at art college now, you’d probably perform the scene with some ketchup. I once saw a student show where the graduate sat bolt-still on a chair in a box. I thought this was quite clever. Did creep me out when she didn’t answer questions or respond though.



    1. I think I did this in a beginning drawing class. Come to think of it, they didn’t even teach conceptual art at the community colleges I started out in. That came later, in abundance. I would never have done a drawing like this in my later educational settings. Or now.

      Yeah, right, corrugated plastic, a.k.a shower curtain. Good eye.


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