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In order to get exposure I enter some of my work in art contests. One of my pieces (The Human Fly) will be in the next print magazine issue of Direct Art, and several of my pieces were also accepted for Digital Arts: California‘s digital art competition/exhibition Wide Open Digital 2.

I was pleasantly surprised that Digital Arts: California decided to include my work. I saw from previous exhibitions that they seem to prefer highly accomplished/technically proficient work, but not necessarily the kind of heavy/sensationalist/existential content I often include: a barfing human fly; reinterpreted dead female Creature From the Black Lagoon reawakening in the void; people beating the crap out of teacg itger with bare knuckles on a beautiful day; a lewd bikini dancing contest with gawking audiencs and a tsunami looming in the background; a robot and monster locked in deadly, bloody combat; an alien autopsy with gleaming guts in the foreground…). I didn’t submit any of those pieces, instead tried my more abstract pieces, and a couple others that weren’t quite as unavoidably gross, controversial, or otherwise potentially repugnant to those with dissimilar subject matter preferences than mine.

It’s good to get recognition for my digital art skills. Hopefully this is part of the beginning of being able to support myself  as an artist (I can do it on a mere $500 a month), though I make no money directly off the contests in question.

There’s nothing I want more than to just be able to continue making art.

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