This is the video version of one of my most recent posts, and it includes a narration, lots more images, video clips, and is worth watching even if you read and commented on my post. It’s about the demand that artists work in a single signature style for most or all of their careers, and how this is based on a misconception that an artist has one inherent style. Rather, as an artist evolves it’s natural to explore new tools and techniques, and at very least to experiment with the trusty ones we’ve been using for years or decades.

The video contains a short segment featuring 25 of my own pieces in 25 styles, as well as an extended sequence dedicated to promoting the art of Hans Hofmann, the most underrates Abstract Expressionist painter.

The algorithm is a bit rough on yours truly, and despite my videos consistently being over 90% up-voted, I’m not getting a lot of traffic. Note that YouTube curiously no longer displays up-vote ranking, perhaps because it’s irrelevant to view count and ad clicks. Quality doesn’t get you bumped up, clickability does, I guess. It is worth watching for that alone.

Below, the column I highlighted green, you can see the up-vote ration of my videos.

Let’s face it, my videos represent unconventional views on arcane topics, and can run long. Not the best way to milk the algorithm. OK, probably about the worst. In which case, if you are a fan of my content, it would help me if you watched the video all the way through (while taking a nap in necessary], and give it a like, to help me not get completely flushed down by the merciless algorithm. Better yet, share it with people who might be interested.

But I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy it! I worked on it for more than 3 days, and there’s lots of attention to small details. Below, I tend to push Filmora — which very user friendly video editing software — to its limit, and you’ll find experimental segments if you look for them. As an artist, I can’t help getting a bit creative and weird, at times, with my videos.

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15 replies on “New Video: Insisting Artists Work In One Style Limits Their Creativity

  1. One thing I particularly like about Gerhard Richter is that he went from one style to the next so seamlessly, even though he was initially accused of doing so. What an absurd idea to want to base your work on a style – unless it corresponds to your personal predisposition.

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  2. Super! Watched all of it, glad I did. ♥️’d the flying paint. Left a comment on YouTube. I hate watching videos online so I didn’t have a YouTube account. I set one up so I could comment & subscribe. But I won’t be checking notifications for new videos so unless you mention them here I won’t view. I’ll share this one, soon. 🤗

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    1. Thanks. Ah, anywhere someone shares my stuff is helpful. The landscape of the art world is changing so fast, especially with the advent of AI, that it’s becoming vastly more difficult to not get drowned out by all the fluff. I’m constantly having to re-think and strategize how to navigate so I can have some presence at all.

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  3. Thanks, that was a great video, interesting from beginning to end. I agree that art is all about exploring and developing regardless of styles or techniques. But there is also the counter force to categorise and I guess it’s an inherent need for humanity to make sense of the world.

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  4. I enjoyed the blog post and look forward to the video when I’m not so sleepy. I was just writing about how my dabbling in many different art styles and mediums may have slowed me down in becoming successful as an artist, but I can’t help it. I do what I love and what calls to me, and I very much enjoy the variety. Thanks for posting, and the warning about the long video…Ha. Not for 3:28am when you should be sleeping…

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