This is another great blog you probably haven’t seen. The author, Alistair Gentry, is extremely witty, and the posts are both informative and amusing. I’m starting to notice a trend that the blogs I admire the most also seem to get some of the least attention (including my own, but I’m gonna’ post some of my own cute kitty photos – keep your eye out for those – to help ameliorate that and dupe myself into thinking people like my art). And none of this is to say that I have anything like a substantial enough audience to introduce other blogger to (and most my followers are bogus anyway), but I still like the idea of doing it.

I also recommend his post about Van Gogh.




brent_painting_largeThe American artist who made this prizewinning work is 37 years old (nearly too old to be an “emerging artist”!) and he’s based in Keithville, Louisiana. He has developed a unique canvas-based practice in which he uses his tongue to apply pigment with a methodical understanding of seriality that leads to a rich columnar vocabulary of mark-making. His name is Brent and he looks like this:

brent_resizeBrent recently won first prize in the Chimpanzee Art Competition run by the Humane Society of the United States and voted for by the public. The entrants have all formerly been used for medical research, kept in unsuitable zoos, or rescued from abusive “acting” or “performing” situations. They now live out their retirements in various sanctuaries, where some of them paint better than a number of Debut Contemporary’s clients. Their paintings will soon be auctioned on eBay to raise money for charity. The…

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