No joke. I got a needle injected in my eye.

But it’s GOOD NEWS because it was done in order to deliver local anesthesia immediately before the more invasive cataract surgery. This didn’t happen with my left eye, which I had done a month or so ago, but I gather it’s largely superficial and cosmetic.

The idea of a needle penetrating one’s eye is the stuff of nightmares, if you could even stay in the dream long enough without waking up in fright before the eventuality. But it’s really not that bad, and well worth it to get the kind of vision I now have.

If you follow my blog, and especially if you are one of my Patrons, you know I’ve been struggling with cataracts starting about 5 years ago. My left eye had become useless to the degree that I couldn’t even read the top, giant letters of an eye chart.

My right eye was functional, but the deterioration was gradual, in which case I didn’t know what I was missing. The cataract wasn’t too bad, but was in the center of my eye, which meant machines couldn’t get a reading for my prescription.

Getting the left eye done was revolutionary. My whole world was transformed, and I even found my outlook becoming more optimistic and positive.

I’ve been reveling in the visual details of things, and find myself stopping in my tracks to study clouds.

A pic I took along the river of the setting sun casting a looooong shadow in the sky.

Above, the sun is so low that the large vertical cloud is casting a shadow in the sky across scattered clouds higher up = things your stop and notice when your vision is suddenly magnificent.

Getting the 2nd eye done has fully restored my vision, and now I see better than ever before, because it also corrected my myopia. Been a glasses or contact lens wearer since kindergarten. No more!

When I got my eyes tested for getting the surgery I only hoped to be able to see my computer monitor clearly with both eyes, so I could continue making digital art, with or without the help of prescription glasses. The technology is constantly improving, and I got some of the latest offerings in lens development. I didn’t dream that I’d have brilliant vision and never need glasses again. So, it’s not even a dream come true, because I didn’t fantasize it was possible.

If I’d just woken up with this vision it would have been a miracle. But getting this surgery now, and it requiring such advanced technology, is also a bit of a miracle. It’s just an explainable one.

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20 replies on “I got a needle in the eye!

  1. Amazing news Eric. I am really happy for you and can’t wait to see what you will create with your vision restored to 100%


    1. Thanks, Shane. Yeah, you can feel the needle going in the eye, too. It doesn’t hurt, because there’s already been some anesthesia through drops, but you can definitely feel the pressure and follow how far it’s going in. Forgot to mention in my post that a nurse was giggling about it. It was annoying me. Now I assume it was a nervous giggle because the eye was squirting blood or something.

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  2. Awwww…lovely! Had mine done 8 yrs ago. Should’ve had them done long before. After a lifetime of “pathological myopia” and then presbyopia – and glasses, then contacts – then several years of cataracts that killed colors & clouded everything – I was thrilled to be free. Clear vision, no external lenses. Pure joy! I’m very happy for you! Enjoy your new world, see it all! ((happyhugs)) (Re the needle thing? Yes, it was freaky. But totally worth it!) 🥰

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    1. Hi Robin. Great to hear from you. Right. It’s a kind of freedom, and a “new word”. Also, after I got my first eye done, I could see my art much better. I’d been struggling to make it more crisp, and now I see it was crisp enough. That was just my blurry vision.

      Hope you are doing well. Cheers.

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