Trying to release the frog, which didn’t want to go.

Always liked frogs. When I lived in China my nickname was “Xiao Qing Wa”, which means, “little frog”. Now, if you don’t already know, I live in Thailand (no, sorry to disappoint, but not for nefarious purposes). Here my nickname is “Dtok-doh”, which means “Tokay Gecko”, but I still dig my frogs.

[Uuuuh. If you look at my blog for art, don’t worry, I’ve got a couple big surprises on deck.]

Frogs have permeable skin that makes them very vulnerable to any chemicals in their environment. This is why when you start seeing deformed frogs with extra legs, you know there’s something wrong with the local water supply. That wasn’t the problem here, but the frog was still at risk, because it made its way into a freshly bleached extra bathroom floor by crawling up through a floor drain. This also explained the mystery poops that were appearing by the wall in the bathroom.

As much as I was perfectly happy to just let the frog stay and be our indoor pet, even if he pooped up a storm, I knew hopping on a still damp bleached floor was not going to go well with his delicate skin. So, I scooped him up – wait a minute, never heard any croaking from the room so it must be a her – and put her in the sink for a thorough rinsing. The frog didn’t appreciate this none too much.

She was plump already, but puffed herself up in defiance when she got a thorough rinsing in the sink.

Then we took her outside to set her free among the potted plants, where, hopefully we’d see her again. Now that I wasn’t trying to bathe her in a running tap, however, she didn’t want to leave the comfort of being perched on a warm and friendly human hand. It took a little nudging, but she eventually hopped on to a piece of decorative wood, and then disappeared.

I’m just glad she didn’t poop on me, which frogs often do when frightened.

In case you’re wondering, it’s a “Banded Bull Frog” (a.k.a. chubby frog, Asian painted frog, rice frog, or bubble frog). They are apparently sensitive to chlorine in water, so definitely wouldn’t have appreciated the bleach. [The link above contains a recording of their calls, if you live in Asia and wonder if the calls you are hearing are from these plump little guys.]

The most interesting thing to me about these frogs is their longevity. They can keep on croakin’ for ten years.

I’d seen these in the pet trade in America, and a quick search shows you can buy one over the internet for $9. Here I’m sure you can’t get 2,700 baht for them. I don’t think you could get 27 baht (unless they are an afrodisiac in Chinese medicine).

I’ve check the spare bathroom several times, and she hasn’t come back yet, but she’s welcome.

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    1. That’s just my first and middle name. My last name is pronounced exactly the same as the most famous, and undeserving living artist, Jeff Koons. Kind of like being Eric Warhol 30 years ago. The worlds not big enough for two Koons’s, and one of them already stole the show with the epitome of everything wrong with art today. I might as well be Eric Hitler. So, I use a nom-de-brush for my art. Also gives my private life a bit more anonymity.


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