I am no longer selling prints!

printsYou can get high quality prints of most of my work (and probably anything you request). My philosophy is NOT to make limited editions to create scarcity, but to make quality prints available cheaply to anyone and everyone who wants them. So, essentially, you can get the same thing for $50 that would cost $500 or more if I made a limited run. I’d rather a hundred people have a $10 poster than one person has a $1000 print. Personally, I think my art is worth more than that, but price is dependent on celebrity and recognition within the art world, and not on the intrinsic value of the work.

I sell prints and other products with my art through reliable online distributors. There’s no risk to the buyer because money back guarantees are given, no questions asked. I set for myself a small profit above production costs. For example, I’m selling a poster for $16, and I make $5 per sale.

Most of my work is available as high quality, archival prints at Fine Art America (they also sell a range of products for each image): Art of Eric Wayne

Below is what my page looks like.

I started selling through INPRINT recently here, and my last six images are available there. They keep it really simple, offering a small range of high quality prints. They are also a curated site that doesn’t let in just anyone who wants to sell.


I also have some products for sale on Zazzle (calendars, mugs, posters): Art of Eric Wayne


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