Runaway Rant: Why everything is backwards.

Everything I was taught as a child was good is now bad.

America is bad. The pilgrims are bad. The founding fathers are bad. Cowboys are bad. Christianity is bad. Christopher Columbus is bad. The police are bad. The free market is bad. White people are bad. Men are bad. The nuclear family is bad. Heterosexuality is bad. Individuality is bad. Independence is bad. Rational thought is bad.

In the art world painting is bad. Originality is bad. The old masters are bad. Skill is bad. Beauty is bad.

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Perpetual War

War is business. Business is good. War is good. If we actually got to vote, war would end immediately. Our choice is grayed out. Note: for what it’s worth, I made the graphic. Uh, if it’s on my blog, and it has text, assume I made it myself. I customize the living crap out of…

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