Runaway Rant: Why everything is backwards.

Everything I was taught as a child was good is now bad.

America is bad. The pilgrims are bad. The founding fathers are bad. Cowboys are bad. Christianity is bad. Christopher Columbus is bad. The police are bad. The free market is bad. White people are bad. Men are bad. The nuclear family is bad. Heterosexuality is bad. Individuality is bad. Independence is bad. Rational thought is bad.

In the art world painting is bad. Originality is bad. The old masters are bad. Skill is bad. Beauty is bad.

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Runaway Rant: Our True Nature

It is precisely the things that science cannot prove about us, and which allow autonomy, independent thought and action, which define our true nature. There are two things that are objectively impossible, but subjectively undeniable. One is consciousness, and the other is free will. Science, as hard as it has tried, and is trying, can’t…

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Are We Avatars Or Players?

[This is another of my “runaway rants”, but I couldn’t squeeze that in the headline and keep it punchy. When I call something a “rant” I just mean it’s more or less stream of consciousness, as opposed to me sitting down and making a structured outline. I’m just getting some thoughts out there that I’ve…

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Runaway Rant: Is Reality the Enemy?

[One way to interpret the image above is that the mechanical yellow creature is seeking truth, clamors around a blind corner, and discovers a mysterious mask, snake, worms… The extended mouth is the hunger for knowledge and discovery, but the creature seems frightened by what he found. Note that I find interpretations a useful tool,…

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New Page for “Thought”

I’ve been blogging for over 5 years, have more than 500 posts, and more than 500,000 views (on average a post gets 1,000 views over  time). Most my views come from Google searches, and some of my articles are in constant circulation. There was much on my site now that there was no efficient way…

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