My modestly altered version of Ryan King’s tutorial, “Tatooine Environment”

It comes from Star Wars. Though I don’t recall the scene exactly, I recognize the aesthetic. In any case, I just tweaked out the tutorial a wee bit to match my own sensibility. It’s not a portfolio piece — not an original work of art because it’s from a tutorial — but just a practice exercise I did to get my Blender muscles working again. After nearly 6 months off while doing other projects, I forgot a whole lot.

Here’s the version the instructor, Ryan King, created:

The original creation by Ryan King, which accompanies his 5 part tutorial.

One of the great things about learning Blender is all the tutorials out there, a lot of which are free, including this one. Anyone with a newish, higher end computer can download Blender for free, and start learning. For me the best part of that is it allows me to really get into other creator’s heads, learn their workflow, and how they approach various problems.

Ryan King is a relative newcomer to making Blender tutorials — as compared to someone like Blender Guru — but I’ve done a bunch of his lessons before, and I can trust that any tutorial he puts together is going to be well thought out, clear, appropriately paced, and doable. The Orc below was from one of his tuts, though I embellished it quite a bit.

When I do run into hitches, I leave comments and he responds usually within a day, and sometimes within hours. I do some of his tutorials before ones that I paid for, because they are that good.

You can see the 5-part tutorial series here:

If you are learning Blender, I recommend Ryan’s videos.

I like to triangulate my learning with different trusted teachers, and an oddball here and there. I’ve gotta’ blast through a bunch of ’em to get my skills back and level up my game a bit, so I can turn to my own original creations.

Stay tuned

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4 replies on “Finished the Tutorial: Tatooine Environment

    1. When someone makes a tutorial they have to keep it pretty simple and straight forward. When you are doing the tutorial, you can afford to embellish and experiment more a bit.

      That said, the Blender tutors know the program better than I do, but I usually have about 3 decades of art experience more than they do, uh, and that may just because I’m that much older! That stuff can make a subtle difference to the more discerning eye. I’m sure others would prefer NOT my versions of anything, if my wild popularity is any indication. If there’s an award for “least popular artist” (and this means you put in the effort and art still unknown) I’m a serious contender. I’m hoping to change that in the future.

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