If you were wondering what a digital artist like me thinks of Beeple, and his $69 million sale at Christies of a JPEG he most likely used an algorithm to produce in a matter of seconds, this video should make that apparent.

Meanwhile an all-time least favorite, Damien Hirst has announced plans to overtake Beeple as the reigning NFT art God, mostly likely in the manner of a larger sale at auction of NFT version of 10,000 drawings on paper he supervised ordered created 5 years ago. Who will win, the digital newcomer, or the blue-chip conceptual oligarch of decades past? I give my best bet.

This is my third video, and I decided to hit something contemporary and in the global art news. I’ve noticed when looking up stuff like this, that there usually aren’t videos. And if you search “Hirst NFT” there are a lot of articles, but this is about the only video, and it’s certainly the only one pitting Hirst against Beeple.

It’s fairly entertaining in my estimation — though I am my best audience — and I smuggled in some of my own work at the end, an act of subtle optimism that offsets the deeply cynical literal message at the end.

If you don’t know who Beeple is, or how he makes his art, I got that covered. And if you like to see Hirst take a pot shot or two, that’s also in the package.

This video might get me some hate from the Hirst and/or Beeple true-believers, and I’m one of only a handful of people who have dared to publicly question Beeple’s greatness [my biggest reservation is that his mature works rely entirely on models and assets made by others]. So give it a “like” if you appreciate it.

I’m going on a small trip for a few days, and then I’ll knock out part 2 of my last video, though it requires I do some modestly challenging photoshop work.

If you missed my first two videos on my new channel, here they are:


3 replies on “New Video: Hirst Versus Beeple: Who Is The NFT Art God?

    1. I would think a fellow artist such as yourself might appreciate some of the finer points, if not some of my gratuitous aesthetic elements. Thanks for watching. More soon, and I compiled a list of around 30 videos I could make in the future.

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