For my premiere effort I chose to base my video on my most recent blog post about art. The video version can do things my text and images alone couldn’t, such as zooming in and animating arrows to show where there are problem areas in the painting, or including a clip of Robert Hughes drooling over the painting. And I used this fledgling attempt to explore learning the software, to try out a bunch of techniques, and to play with various bells and whistles.

I got creative with it, and a little bizarre. It has completely unnecessary but charming sci-fi and psychedelic flourishes to go with the Art vs Machine theme. It was a bit touch and go doing my own narration. I didn’t want to sound ponderous, pompous, or pretentious, and struck out on all three counts. I had to re-record parts, in some instances I’m reading, and sometimes going off the cuff. I haven’t found the right voice yet. That’ll come with time if and when I make more of these.

You see a bit too much painterly nudity, but that comes with the territory of the topic. I promise the next video won’t have any in it, or at least it won’t be the focus.

I imagine it’s extremely difficult to come in out of nowhere at this point, and for my first video to not almost instantly vanish into oblivion. I’ll be contented if it gets 100 views, 10 likes, and more likes than dislikes.

Don’t touch that dial!

~ Eric Wayne

15 replies on “Debute Video on My YouTube Art Channel

  1. I really enjoyed this video you made. Inspiring and interesting. I agree with you in most of what you pointed out yet one thought,… some woman do have broad chests with breast pointing sideways… And her hips are also broad which is in keeping with a broad curve figure, although I do think that the ‘top breast’ still faces the wrong way. It should be slumped or hanging with gravity. Totally fascinating post about Goya and his painting!

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    1. Agreed, I thought someone might point that out. I didn’t want to go into too much detail about breasts and gravity, but, if she were lying flat, gravity would do what it does, but she appears to be propped up, and as you say, one of the pair is going up rather than to the side. It would be forgivable in an amateur painting, but in a masterpiece that Robert Hughes himself gasps over, it’s a bit of a surprise.

      So glad you enjoyed the video, and thanks for commenting.

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  2. I enjoyed the video, especially because since I already knew what it was going to “say”, still it was said in a unique styling manner where all the effects, graphics, and soundtrack kept me waiting/wanting to see what came next. If that makes any sense. The pacing was just right too. Fortunately your voiceover did not employ the alliterative “ponderous, pompous, or pretentious” qualities you were wary of! There were a couple of instances of words running together but the more you practice the more you will become aware of the fact that sometimes the way we speak conversationally sneaks into our narration.

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    1. Yes, I’ve found more than once before that I’m not good at reading my own writing. It’s too wordy! I don’t write like I talk. And I find some things I write difficult to articulate out loud, such as, in the video, “Goya managed to escape being prosecuted by the Inquisition by stating that his painting was in the tradition of a Velázquez depiction of Venus, and works by Titian.” Just try to read that out loud. It’s a tongue twister, but I had no idea when writing it.

      Thanks for noticing all the effects, music, and so on that I worked into it. I’m glad it kept you watching.

      Ah, so I escaped being pretentious. Well, I think it crept in there are a bit. I’ll get better at the narrations as time goes on, if I’m able to keep doing these.

      Thanks for watching the video and commenting.

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  3. Eric: This was a great, erudite discussion of Goya’s foibles as a painter. Your 3rd breast version made me immediately think of the tri-breasted character in “Total Recall” [the 1980s movie]. The model’s hips do appear twisted at an unusual angle, almost like the pelvis is freely detached from her spine!

    I wonder what you think of Fragonard’s nudes. Also, Hughes’s turn of phrase: “I’d like to jump in there, like a bee to a peony.” — oh, how ribald! Keep up the wonderful work!

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    1. Thanks Mr. Cicada. Glad you enjoyed it. I’ve tended to steer clear of Fragonard. I’ll have to look into the matter at some point.

      I’ve started a second video. Stay tuned.


      1. Cheers. Glad you like it. I just checked and my video has but 56 views. Most are coming from my blog. It’s very hard to get seen at this early stage, so your inclusion in your roundup will be most helpful.

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