This alien is just the result of going through a tutorial and taking it in my own direction. I’m doing several organic sculpting tutorials in order to see how different artists approach the medium, and picking up which techniques work best for me.

Here’s the tutorial I was going off of

I gave my alien a nose and ears, which makes it perhaps a bit more human, but since this was sculpting practice I felt like it would be a cop-out to not try to create all the standard facial features. I picked up a couple techniques from this tutorial, but wouldn’t really recommend it as a follow-along tutorial. It’s better for going off the rails, like I did.

He looks more alien when I add some color.

If you misses my last alien from another tutorial, behold:

That one was based on the tutorial below, and I also went off on my own quite a lot:

Might as well round it out with a third alien based on third tutorial from a third artist. This one’s next:

Stay tuned for more exciting episodes.

~ Ends

16 replies on “Another Alien

  1. I wonder about the passion to draw alliens. You may ask one to pose alive, the results might be even better:) Is there any article where you talk about the origin of your passion to draw alliens? It would be very interesting to read it. The first one is a two-sided personality definitely: eyes set a bit far away because of a broad mindset or because of a necessity to control the situation from threats? And big! Absorbing the information from alive environment?..

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    1. I like your interpretation of that alien. These were just my versions of tutorials. They just unfolded naturally through the process. But, yeah, I’ve been drawing aliens since I was a kid. I absolutely loved monsters when I was little. They are, for one thing, sentient beings that aren’t caught in the trap of being human, and having human responsibilities, limitations, etc.

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      1. I don’t think so. Not yet. At least not consciously. I am of the opinion that extraterrestrial life must exist because the universe is, well, infinite. Everywhere on Earth that life can exist, it does. The same is probably true everywhere else, in which case their is going to be life, and quite likely intelligent life. Real contact with aliens is a fascinating and dangerous possibility. We can’t even handle racial and political differences in 2021.

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      2. Well…since you’ve read my blog you know about my work and experiences with the elite dark, working to shut down their dark timeline and bring forth a light timeline. On that timeline racism and dark government become things of the past. We as humans expand back into our wholeness and light beings from elsewhere are welcomed and appreciated for their support and advanced solutions and understanding.

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