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By Joanna Jones

New Banksy Mural a Blast!

Lactose Intolerance No Laughing Matter

Banksy has confirmed that he is behind a new artwork depicting an old woman succumbing to a violent ‘shart’, and holding a kerchief to her nose to block out any odor, after consuming a glass of whole milk.

The new Banksy mural on Vale Street in Bristol.

The political activist and underground artist here addresses an uncomfortable social issue in order to start needed conversations. Banksy has met with executives from Sotheby’s and Christie’s in order to discuss the potential for another guerilla prank on the art world, in which the starving artist will punch up against the establishment with a surprise, self-destructing original stencil on canvas version at auction. For the less affluent, a limited edition of 1,000 prints will be available from his gallery starting at $999 per item.

Note: just having fun with PS now that I got it back, and a wee bit of satire.

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