Not my original creation. This is a still from my video after doing a tutorial series.

This free, four-part tutorial on YouTube is one of my favorite tutorials so far, including paid ones. You learn to sculpt the droid using hard-surface modeling; then to rig it so you can move the parts and animate it; then to texture-paint it; and finally to animate it and make a video. I think a rank beginner, if they paid close attention, could complete the series. I ran into a few snafus, but when I replayed the videos and followed along step by step, I discovered what the problem was. The tutor, Ryan King, also answered questions I posed in the comments section within a day. His style of instruction is, at least for me, very clear, concise, and he uses strategies to simplify the process while achieving maximal results.

Here’s the video I produced.

And here’s the instructor’s final video.

Ryan has lots of other free tutorials covering a wide range of blender techniques. I want to do the series on how to use Blender for video editing. You don’t just get a free sculpting and animation package with Blender, you get a video editor.

I did this as general training, but also specifically in order to produce my own droid, though initially I didn’t think I’d go so far as to do an animation. Now I’m planning on it.

If you follow my blog, you’ve seen my droid, and a few short animations I made so far. This one will be a bit more ambitious.

Here’s my droid-ship, if you missed it.

I think I’m going to have it landing on the surface of a large vessel in space.

Stay tuned.

3 replies on “Finished the Tutorial: Droid Creation and Animation

  1. Rewarding to hear that there are tutorials out there that can actually be followed and completed by a persistent human being. As for your proposed video editing education, I can attest through many years of using various video editing systems that it will be a snap for you after all the time and effort you’ve put into 3D modeling.

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    1. I have some experience with video-editing using a few different applications. I used to use a Microsoft tool in Windows to painlessly make them. Then I used a couple programs which I don’t have anymore. I just think if Blender can do it, it’s good for me to know more of its capacities ,and I already a familiar with it’s general layout and, uh, personality.

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